you-and-i-share-one-goalGreetings, dear light souls!

It is you who I address today since I see the results of your work.

Well, Dark on your planet has become as dense as ever, which is always the case just before the dawn.

At present I am busy as ever since I am to fulfill my mission on Earth up to the end.

It is both good and bad for you at the same time.

It is bad because the Dark Forces representatives embodied as humans feeling their upcoming collapse have become exasperated as never before.

And it is good because it is easier for you to identify them, for all the masks are already thrown off, and with the best will in the world they cannot keep up with the appearances.

So, what is my role and that of my assistants?

First of all, it is to highlight to a full extent all the vices of these horrible creatures and bring them into the public eye – so that none of the people able to think have any doubts left now about their real intentions.

It shows especially vividly in the USA.

It seems to you that the world is literally turning inside out because of the extent to which everything pure and Divine is substituted for dirty, dark and satanic there.

And I put my hand to it, I must confess.

But tell me, dear, without this “absurd theatre” would you ever be able to see all the “wolves in a sheep’s clothing” – these demons and devils who have come to believe they enjoy impunity to the extent that they have completely lost the sense of reality this time?

Performing actions that are contrary not only to common sense but also to basic human feelings, they have widely demonstrated their essence throwing off their masks themselves thereby promoting millions of people’s revival and helping them look at the world and their authorities with another eye.

Yes, I have undertaken this dirty work provoking these demons’ disgusting actions and stirring their low satanic instincts still more.

Yet, do believe it is done for your own sake.

Nowadays I am intentionally making the grey cloud greyer so that every intelligent person could see what they did not use to pay attention to justifying this by the “side effects” of the modern society.

To some degree I help you revive the others, and each of us has work of their specific character.

I bring to light and public display all the loathsome things of the modern society and those who created them, while you dissolve this Dark with your Divine Light.

And whatever strange it seems, we have one and the same task to tackle: to revive as many people as possible so that Dark leaves the planet once and for all.

It is this way, being deprived of the support not only at the subtle level, which has already happened, but at the physical one as well, that they will be defeated and driven away from Earth forever this time.

And I will be most glad at it since my game will be over, too and my duty being made I will be able to come back Home to keep on with my evolution in higher worlds.

These are the thoughts I would like to share with you today, my dear.

With deep respect to all pure and light human souls

Archangel Lucifer spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 8, 2021.

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