LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Middle caste reptiloids)

life-on-new-earth-middle-caste-reptiloidsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will move on to the last – the lowest step of the power pyramid on Earth and will speak about middle caste reptiloids.

They are the ones who are direct executors of the “common superiors’ ” will that the Dragons, the Dragon reptiles and high caste reptiloids are.

This way, the instructions from above run down the chain, and everybody at their level tackles the problems assigned.

Let us consider the way this mechanism works using the example of the things happening on Earth right now – when the confrontation between people and their “invaders” has reached its apogee.

As you already know, the Dragons’ specialization has always been to control human conscience.

But although they have made great progress in this, yet, they have not managed to reach their goal to a full extent.

And it mostly happens because of the fact that there is a huge amount of pure and really ancient souls embodied on Earth at present whose pure Divine conscience sees through the subterfuge of the Dark Forces.

Therefore “up there” there was made a decision to resort to “mass destruction weapons” that are 5G towers aimed at activation of the nanoparticles introduced into the human body by means of specially designed vaccines and substances dispersed into air.

In relation to this, there was worked out a certain plan – a clear-cut and consistent one – that includes the following stages.

First. Development of an artificial virus and spreading it all around the globe.

Second. Introduction of a quarantine and complete isolation of people from each other, which is the best to facilitate the implementation of reptiloids’ favourite principle of “Divide and rule”.

Third. Compulsory face masking, which not only weakens immunity making all chronic diseases aggravated but also making people totally depersonalized and deprived of their natural Divine strength.

Fourth. As a “miracle solvation” to impose common obligatory vaccination which is actually hidden chipping of all the planet’s population.

As a result of successful implementation of this plan, EACH person’s conscience would get under the control of the Dragons in whose grip there is the control centre of the chips introduced into human bodies.

And in this case they could in an artificial way with no efforts at the physical level generate ANY energies they need.

In other words, from free creatures people would have to turn into gentle toys of the Dragons, while their unlimited Divine energy potential would be used to generate the energies of the lowest vibrations so as to nourish Archon and his servants.

As you see, even realization of the three first points, which they completely succeeded in, has already resulted in energy chaos in all the spheres of your life, as well as in enormous outbursts of negative energy of all kinds.

Well, let us now return to the issue of the middle caste reptiloids and see what role they played in this “play”.

Since it is them who are direct executors of all the programmes created by the Dragons, they are thoughtfully instilled into all the power institutions by the high caste reptiloids – from the largest to the smallest ones: governments, social and public organizations, educational and medical establishments, large corporations and net structures of all sorts.

It is them who supervise the execution of all the orders and instructions by all the means available to them – up to fining and administrative sanctions in respect of those who do not follow the instructions from above.

And they do this not just thoroughly but self-forgetfully since their collective conscience is originally in their Masters’ power.

And the most obedient field employees following all the orders and instructions are their fellows – low caste reptiloids who are connected to the same reptiloid “grid” covering the whole planet of yours.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 18, 2020.

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