LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Keep calm and calm again!)

life-on-new-earth-keep-calm-and-calm-againGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message I would like to talk in some details about your energy space protection from external influence.

The first step to this will become your skill not to get involved into unproductive discussions.

This will be already something to save your aura from negative alien energies and will help maintain harmonious inner state.

It is this state that makes the foundation of your vibrations stability since the purity of your energy space depends, first of all, on your own inner state.

While ability to keep it under any circumstances and communicating with quite different people guarantees its stability.

On the website there were offered a lot of practices aimed at “taming” your unconscious spontaneous reactions that you have drilled for many incarnations in the third dimension world.

And, of course, it takes tireless work at yourself because it is impossible to get rid of all your habits of many years in a day.

I would like to give you some tips that will help you learn to control your own emotions as well as those of your interlocutor.

Nowadays it is important as ever to feel the people you have to interact.

And you are already assisted in this by the new vibrations of Earth.

Coming in contact with a person they highlight their genuine essence – their level of conscience and energy potential.

It occurs in a variety of ways: some people open by means of words, while some others by inner manifestation which can be judged by their eyes, gestures, general behaviour.

Anyway, with every single day it is becoming harder and harder for people to wear masks – they are falling down off their faces being washed away by the flow of new high vibration energies.

So now no words can preserve the desired image as there is instantly scanned the inconsistence between them and the inner contents of a person.

At present on Earth there is in progress gradual dissolving of the third dimension matrix, and a new Earth, like a butterfly from a cocoon, is breaking free – to the vibrations of a new world.

The same is going on with pure light human souls: they are heading for new summits throwing off the scraps of the third dimensionality.

But as the conscience of the majority of people is not prepared for changes yet, they by inertia cling to the old behaviour and mentality patterns being unwilling to throw off old “clothes”.

Yet, these old “clothes” are too worn out and are falling apart before eyes, and their owners turn out to be “naked” – they have nothing to cover the unattractive “nudity” of their soul now.

And though they themselves do not realize it, many revived souls clearly see such people.

This is exactly what the very separation according to vibrations that we have talked about so much means.

While those who have managed to throw off the old “clothes” of the third dimension world, on the contrary, are changing with every single day.

Their souls start showing their best qualities opening to people and “dressing up” in wonderful Divine “garments” of the energies of Love and Light.

And I would like you, my dear, not only to learn to see the former and the latter, but be able to interact with any person so as to do no harm either to them or to yourselves.

And I will tell you about the way you can do it in my next message.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 23, 2021.

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