WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Physical body response to negative information)

window-on-new-world-physical-body-response-to-negative-informationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will digress a little from our topic and talk about the way your physical body responds to negative information as such rather than to your own emotions.

Of course, the physical body is influenced, first of all, by the emotions that you sometimes fail to cope with.

And if you do not manage the flashing “spark” of negative emotions in time, it can grow into a “fire” that will start ruining your subtle bodies first and then your physical one too.

And few people know that even those who have completely mastered the ability not to get emotionally involved into the events taking place around them and to remain just onlookers, yet, are susceptible to the influence of negative information indirectly that penetrating into their energy space can influence their physical condition.

So now I will tell your about the energy mechanism of external factors interaction with human physical body.

To start with, all people on Earth are One even if they themselves have no idea of it and, consequently, they exist in One energy space.

Certainly, everyone possesses their own space whose volume depends on one’s purity of conscience and level of vibrations.

Yet, any information that appears in the One field of Earth this or that way influences the conscience and energy profile of the one who deals with it.

Since everything is energy, any information features these or those vibrations that cannot vanish into thin air of the energy field of Earth.

And when some information is perceived by millions of people, as the case is, for example, with watching the news, its energy disperses into myriads of particles that penetrate into the energy space of each viewer.

It is well known to the enslavers of your planet that is why they are doing their best to fill TV broadcast with the news of exceptionally negative character.

This way they make Earth’s inhabitants involved into the process of negative energy distribution all around the globe, which is their main target.

Getting into one’s aura such energy particle starts living a life of its own now.

Depending on the level of conscience of the people it gets into, it either quickly dissolves being neutralized by high vibration of them or looms large if finds itself in the field of a person who features low vibrations and starts to sustain it permanently with their negative emotions.

Well, what happens to people’s physical bodies at this time?

If a heedful person immediately ousts the negative thing out of their energy space, this particle literally bounces against the protective layer of their subtle bodies doing no harm to the person.

If one lets it inside oneself and then “lives” by this information discussing it over and over again with the people around, it begins to produce a destructive effect on one’s subtle bodies first and later on the physical body too.

Meanwhile, one’s organs that are already affected by a disease are especially vulnerable, for energy attacks like these are catalysts for them to reach the crisis stage of the disease.

So now at Earth there has arrived the period when negative information is literally showering you at every turn provoking by far the most powerful outbursts of negative human energy that ruins their health.

That is why, my dear, please, treat any information in a selective way and find the sources to get it that are to your heart, inspire trust and, which is more important, do not convey fear or negative things that both decrease your vibrations and ruin your physical bodies.

At present, at the last stage of the Transition of Earth to the Fifth dimension, it is as important as ever.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 3, 2022.

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