that-particular-apocalypseGreetings, my dear light souls!

I have come to you today to clarify what is going on not only at the subtle but also physical level of Earth now.

This is the very Apocalypse that all of you were waiting for and that is unfolding now in many countries of the world.

As you already know, the meaning of this word and its essence is in Disclosure of the truth to humanity.

Unfortunately, the only way for such Disclosure to take place at this moment is a military one since those at the helm will never let the information about their crimes leak into public.

And now there has begun an active process of uniting of honest and fearless people ready to make the supreme sacrifice in the name of justice reclaim on Earth.

Not all of these people know about the Ascension of Earth and about the energy processes that are taking place on her.

And, nevertheless, the high vibration energy itself is working in collaboration with them “urging” their decisive actions.

Many of them are unaware of the reason why it is just now that the struggle with the authorities has reached its crucial stage because they do not see what is going on at the subtle level of Earth.

And there are true miracles in progress there.

The day June 21, 2023 has drawn a clear border line that separates the third dimension world from the revived Earth of the fourth and Fifth dimension.

So now for the greater part of humanity to cross this border and move on with Earth, there is required a powerful impulse at the physical level – an enormous incentive to people’s conscience without which millions of pure and light souls will not be able to understand what is actually in progress on the planet now.

“Peaceful” revival of population on Earth has failed despite all the “efforts” of globalists on creation of the pseudo pandemic, senseless and absurd restrictions, all kinds of perversions, introduction of artificial intelligence and digitizing.

The overwhelming part of Earth’s population is ready to put up with anything just for their life to remain the same.

Yet, this has become impossible now as the very planet of yours has changed and for those who want to carry on living on her there is only one way out – to change with her.

And since there is almost no time left for this, these people can change only through severe moral and physical shock.

Yet, even the shocks like these can revive not everyone.

Everything will depend on the way one will take the shocking information: will one be seized with fear or, on the contrary, it will regenerate one’s best qualities and help revive one’s Divine essence.

Now each inhabitant’s destiny on your planet is at stake.

If one shows cowardice, one will miss the unique chance to finish one’s karmic travelling in the third dimension worlds and make an unseen-before surge in evolution moving to the Fifth dimension in one’s physical body.

But even not being aware of the sacred process of Ascension of Earth one should make one’s choice lending a keen ear to their Soul’s voice, not Mind: whether one is ready for overall changes in life or will remain in the habitual third dimension world, the one that is unable to exist on this wonderful planet any more.

This is the very moment X that has been said about so much in the messages of the Forces of Light and that has eventually become apparent this year.

Now each of you should listen to your intuition having got completely aloof from the polyphony of the media and somebody else’s reasoning so as to understand whose side you are at – who you can trust and who you cannot, whether you would like to live the good old life or you are ready to jump into the deep end of a new unknown life.

From now on only your Soul can become your devoted assistant and show the right path since it is ITS DESTINY that is being decided.

And I wish each of you to hear your Soul.

Sincerely loving you,

Archangel Lucifer spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 24, 2023.

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