by-means-of-falsity-and-fraudGreetings, my dear light souls!

It is time to put eventually everything on the table for you.

And we will start with the way I am represented in numerous sources of information.

Perhaps, you have noticed that your planet’s conquerors, their cruelest and most merciless marionettes on Earth to be exact, are often referred to as Lucifer supporters.

There has even arisen such a notion as “luciferianism” in your world.

Why has my name become a common one and for the majority of your planet’s population is associated with the Forces of Dark only?

There is a grain of truth here, of course.

I have already told you more than once that my main part is to temp people provoking their unseemingly actions.

But meanwhile their OWN choice was always implied.

Each action of mine whatever sly and cunning it is, always provides one with the opportunity to choose Light.

Yet, now Lucifer supporters are the names to call themselves for the people or living beings embodied as humans who have ultimately rejected Light and have totally plunged into Dark.

Thus, me, initially conveying Light, for many people have turned into Satan’s henchman having almost become his embodiment.

It has occurred mostly because of the fact that actual Satan supporters so as to elevate themselves in their own eyes and impart the halo of singularity and significance chose my name as a symbol.

It served them as a cover and at the same time conveyed enormous destructive power since it has discredited Light on the global scale.

It can be hard for you to understand as Dark and Light always exist side by side.

They are two sides of the coin.

They are day and night.

They are black and white.

They are struggle of opposites.

They are minus and plus.

In a word, one cannot exist without the other.

This is what was taken advantage of by those who by means of falsity and fraud, cunning and hypocrisy, as well as inhuman cruelty have managed to seize all brunches of power on Earth – political, financial, religious, social…

They have turned Light into Dark not only in their souls but in the souls of millions of people having perverted their pure human nature and instilled quite alien life values to them.

And now their horrible activity on your planet has reached its summit.

But I would like you, my dear, to know that this revelry of Satanism of the ruling top has nothing to do with my name.

I do not want you to associate Dark with me – the one whose mission has always been in that man through trial and error, ups and downs advances towards Light making their Spirit stronger and winning over their Ego.

I have helped a lot of people to travel this road in an appropriate way.

A lot of people being in dire straits indeed chose Light thereby elevating their Spirit.

A lot rejected Dark making supreme sacrifice thereby keeping their Soul pure and advancing it to a new level of existence.

You know a lot of heroes, saints and the righteous who passed the trials I prepared for them proudly.

This is the way personality becomes matured and developed.

This is what your innumerable incarnations on Earth are about.

And I was one of those who promoted either your progress or lapse.

So now the time has come for you to make your final choice – whether to follow the road of Light or Dark.

And I will be happy if you choose Light, for I am the one who, first of all, features Light.

Sincerely loving you,

Archangel Lucifer spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 16, 2022.

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  1. Pila says:

    Latin “lucem ferre” means light carrier.
    In Bible’s New Testament, Jesus Christ is called light carrier.
    Lux is official unit of illuminance, like lumen.
    So, in name Lucifer, there is nothing dark.
    Probably same word origin is for names like Lucy, Lucia, Lucian etc.


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