the-reverse-side-of-the-coinLucifer message 

Greetings, my sister!

You were surprised that I called you like this.

Do not be surprised, for all of us are God’s children.

In this world, actually, everything is very conditional and what you call the Evil is, as a matter of fact, the other side of the coin named the Good.

For if there were no Evil, how would you understand what the Good is?

There is duality everywhere in the third dimension world, and it is duality that makes it so diverse and exciting.

Imagine life with only kind people in all respects around you.

Well, you would be bored to death!

It is we – the Evil forces – who make your life diversified filling it with passion and vigourous emotions, insidiousness, hypocrisy, intrigues…

We enrich your life with colourful energy palette.

We teach you to identify the Good and the Evil sacrificing our Souls.

And this unceasing confrontation of the Good and the Evil can be compared with a game of chess that is won only by those of you who have really become a “king” but it will never be possible to achieve for a “pawn”.

We play according to the rules set by the Creator and cannot go beyond the limits of the permitted.

And now I will explain to you why.

You probably heard that I am the antipode of the Creator, which means his dark side.

Yes, do not get surprised, everybody has their dark side, but the dark side of the Creator differs a lot from what you expect it to be.

It is some kind of a black hole that absorbs all human “wastes” – the souls that have reached the last stage of degradation.

They go to a “furnace” where they burn down to ashes this time.

It is not even the Hell in the way you understand it but full and complete utilization.

And I am the main “stoker” and keeper of this black hole of the Universe.

And my mission is, by means of my assistants, to make selection and classification of souls checking their durability and creating all kinds of traps and subterfuge.

And here the foulest tricks are made use of: flattery and fraud, cunning and insidiousness, bribery and blackmail…

I manipulate people, shuffle them like a pack of playing cards and create the situations when they can show themselves both as villains, and angels.

But it is always THEIR CHOICE – their own decision.

I just provoke them for the Evil but they are free to choose the Good.

This is exactly the way that third dimension people’s fates are decided.

This is how their training and spiritual making occur.

This is how they gain experience on Earth.

This way they learn to tell the Good from the Evil.

I am your head teacher and, consequently, the assistant of the Creator.

That is why I have come to you today so as to dot the i’s and help people sort out the things they have obviously got confused with.

They have vitiated my name sometimes calling me Devil or Satan, a real embodiment of the Evil, which is totally wrong.

I am Lucifer which is the Latin for “who brings light”, and it conveys deep message and great wisdom.

I bring you Light by means of Dark helping you to strengthen your Spirit and ennoble your Souls.

I help you cognize God in yourself by overcoming the Evil.

This is what my mission is, as well as the sense of my existence.

And I would like people to know about it.

I am thankful to you, my sister, for having written down this message!

Lucifer spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 16, 2021.

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