LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Universe library)

life-on-new-earth-universe-libraryGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to continue talking about a new system of education on the Earth of the Fifth dimension.

As long as there appear more and more people capable of getting knowledge right from the Universe “database”, your science will undergo radical changes.

Both at school and at universities there will appear subjects unknown for you so far, such as, “Structure of Universe”, “Intergalactic relationships”, “History of Earth” and many others.

Exact sciences will also change since they initially followed the wrong direction being based on the false notions imposed on people.

Materialistic approach to these sciences excluded the most important and fundamental factor which is the presence of ENERGY that any living being consists of not only on Earth but in the whole Universe as well.

It is the typical ability of people in the early days of humanity to control energy that was the most dangerous thing for reptiloids who seized power on your planet.

Being unable to exist in the energies of high vibrations, they preferred to conceal the very fact of energy existence from people though they themselves have used it for millennia more and more imbuing Earth with low vibration energies typical of them thereby reducing humans’ level till their own and instilling into their conscience the programmes they need.

Thus, the lack of the energy component in all the brunches of knowledge has misled your science showing people the way further and further away from the truth.

And so as to fill in this gap the new education and upbringing system will get the foundation, first of all, of the fundamental knowledge about the structure of the Universe and energies it consists of.

Right now being influenced by the high vibration energies arriving at Earth upper chakras of many people get activated, and they start making use of not only their physical sense organs but of subtle ones as well.

So, gradually people will return to their initial condition of Human Gods capable of controlling energy flows to the greater good of themselves, their environment and Earth.

As long as your planet is moving into the Fifth dimension space, the Universe information “database” will become accessible to a growing number of people on Earth.

Therefore, the main aim of education will be to disclose individual abilities of children and supply them with “tools” for their further development.

Just as in the third dimension world where in order to get more profound knowledge people go to the library or use the internet, on the new Earth of the Fifth dimension, too people will be able to visit the Universe “library” according to their choice by power of thought moving to the section they need for their work.

Not wasting any time there they will immediately be able to receive the required data that have been accumulated by representatives of different civilizations and galaxies.

Your new conscience will be able to simultaneously absorb new information, process it, compare facts and make conclusions not only enriching the sphere of the activity you are working at but also thereby contributing your own experience into the common treasury of the Universe knowledge.

So far it is hard for you to imagine this, my dear, but believe me you are awaited by an amazing and exciting life, and it is not far off now.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 2, 2020.

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