LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Education on the Earth of the Fifth dimension)

life-on-new-earth-education-on-the-earth-of-the-fifth-dimensionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about what education will be like on the Earth of the Fifth dimension.

As a matter of fact, the attitude towards education has already started to change but so far it is a drop in the bucket since the new system of teaching is maintained by the enthusiasm of the people who know about Transition of Earth into the Fifth dimension and about the peculiarity of the children that arrived at Earth during this period with the mission of new society development based on the Laws of the Universe.

It is mainly small private schools attended by the children whose parents are at a rather high level of spiritual development.

But gradually such schools will spread all over your planet because there will appear more and more information about how falsified your main sources of knowledge were, those on history, geography, biology and physics.

As long as true knowledge kept in the Universe information “bank” will be revealed to people, the whole system of education will be changing, with the foundation of it being laid by this true information.

Yet, the top priority subject of all school curricula will remain the Laws of the Universe that from now on all the inhabitants of the new Earth are to live in accordance with.

And so as to put to life such educational programmes as soon as possible, there are also required teachers of the new formation whose conscience has already broken free from the metes and bounds of duality and who can reconsider all the things they were taught themselves having separated the wheat from the chaff.

This is exactly the purpose that a large group of indigo children have come to Earth for and they have already reached the age when they can become teachers for the crystal children who followed them arriving at Earth.

And these children getting older are to become the founders of the new society on the Earth of the Fifth dimension since their conscience will be completely purified from the dual life perception and they will get knowledge from the pure Universe source.

Many of them will get such channel of information receipt opened, and in new schools telepathic communication will be taught as a separate subject, while pure and ancient Souls in permanent contact with the Higher Powers of the Universe will be working children.

Yet, already now, my dear, it is essential to look closely at your children, grandchildren and their friends so as to feel these children’s Souls, reveal their talents and abilities and do your best to help them realize them to a full extent in the shortest possible way.

It is to identify individual abilities of children that will become another priority in a new education system.

It will enable them to choose a profession to their liking later on and, consequently, live a happy fulfilling life, which millions of people were deprived of in the third dimension world whose education and upbringing was a “carbon copy” aimed at depersonalization of them, because such people are easy to control and impose the life style based on the rules and laws established by reptiloids.

The events on Earth will start developing rather quickly, and to facilitate the changes in education to occur as quickly and successfully, it is necessary to start such work already now.

And I ask all those who are endowed with pedagogics talent and, which is more important, possess new spiritual knowledge to set about this exciting occupation as soon as possible – to work out programmes for children of the new generation.

And of great help to you there can become children’s fairy tales that hide all the knowledge you need conveyed in an exciting and amusing manner.

And you only have to draw parallel between the sense they feature and the actual reality and personal examples of children and your own ones showing the way the eternal and unshakeable Laws of the Universe work, the ones that all the people of the new Earth of the Fifth dimension are to live in accordance with.

And I bless you for that!

Loving you endlessly, Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 1, 2020.

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