look-ahead-onlyGreetings, my dear light souls!

Well, there is coming to an end a grand performance staged on Earth and called “Coronavirus” that unintentionally led the way to a new world for some people and “anchored” others in the old one.

As you see, by means of lie and fraud the world government’s henchmen managed to expose to the fateful procedure of vaccination a huge amount of Earth’s population.

But let us look at it from a different angle.

How else can the natural selection be made between pure human souls and the so-called “ballast” – those who under no circumstances can make Transition?

And among the latter actually rank the overwhelming majority of the population of Earth.

Their conscience is so blindfolded that it refuses to believe obvious facts and proofs of mass crimes against humanity.

Even I am surprised at such incredible blindness and deafness of these people and especially of those of them possessing a pure human Soul.

All of them allowed themselves to be led by the system that set traps for them at every turn as intelligent reasoning of “respected” scientists, doctors, public figures, favourite actors and writers, the majority of whom was purchased by the very “system” long ago.

So, purity and trustfulness of the human Soul played a nasty trick on it having deceived it into a fatal trap.

Yet, among the defrauded are mostly young souls who are still to travel a long road of wandering in the third dimension worlds.

Today I would like to talk about those of you who have successfully disclosed the fraud and escaped the “traps” of the system.

I would like you to know: these last days of December will become crucial for all the opposing parties.

By this time each has already made their decision: to remain in slavery or to gain freedom. There are almost no those in doubt left.

That is why the confrontation between the former and the latter is reaching its peak.

And you should be ready for this morally and physically.

Now the whole Universe is supporting you sending to Earth salvational high vibration energies that with every single day are forcing out of your planet dense low vibration energies of the third dimension more and more apparently.

Yet, a lot depends on each of you to make this support as efficient as possible.

Despite the chaos and absurdity in progress around, it is essential for your Soul to preserve its initial purity – energy, emotional and mental.

Show wisdom and patience in respect of the “fallen” part of humanity: be neither superior to these people, nor feel sorry for them since either of the two is a judgement, which is typical of the dual world and features very low vibrations.

Take the choice of their Soul for granted and calmly follow your own way not looking back on those who remain in the third dimension density that has already become alien to you.

Get plunged into the new blissful energies filling Earth.

And look ahead only creating by your thoughts and intentions the happy long-awaited life with Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood reigning and people living according to the Laws of the Universe – true and Divine, not the artificially inflicted on you by the conquerors of your beautiful planet.

At present it is essential, my dear, to throw off any ballast pulling you down so as to “fly up” easily and freely where your Soul is so striving to get.

Do not worry about your nearest and dearest. They will be cared for by their Safeguard Angels and they will go their own way – the one they have chosen themselves.

It is time not to get distracted by anything else but to think ABOUT YOUR SOUL ONLY in order to keep the promise you gave it before the incarnation to make a unique transition to a new dimension in the physical body.

Sincerely loving you,

Archangel Lucifer spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 21, 2021.

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