fear-of-punishmentGreetings, my dear light Souls!

Today I have come to tell to you about the currents events on Earth and the things you are awaited by in the nearest future.

Perhaps, you have already noticed yourselves that at the beginning of the year there started to progress a lot of processes that “skidded” before.

The revival of a growing number of people resulted in the wave of population’s discontent gradually turning into a tsunami this time that soon will start to sweep off the marionettes of the shadow state on its way.

The chairs under them have already become rickety but they still cling to them firmly by inertia.

And now I would like to make the situation clear to you, the one in the higher echelons of power since too many things now depend on its development in this or that direction.

To begin with, it is the ruling top who were first to realize the regretfulness of their position.

The things they planned to implement within two years have worked not to a full extent.

And it happened, first of all, due to the fact that a lot of famous doctors and respected scientists have managed to thoroughly study the issues connected with the pandemic imposed on people and having facts on hands to prove the pernicious effect of this idea.

Of course, the true information disclosure is also encouraged by numerous side-effects of the so-called “vaccine” and dozens of thousands of deaths related to it that are turning now impossible to conceal.

So now fear has seized those who participated in these crimes against humanity.

The things now in progress at the backstage of the higher echelons of power can be called struggle for survival because both the heads of states and their government members directly involved into the creation of the false pandemic and everything that it entailed are now most concerned about one thing – their own security.

As all these people lack good conscience or honour, for the sake of their own rescue they will tooth and nail try to shift responsibility onto others, as a result of which in many countries of the world there will be reigning chaos and anarchy.

The larger the degree the revealed truth about the ruling top’s crimes will be acquiring, the more severe the struggle between all levels officials will become starting with the government members and finishing with their field employees.

They will have no time to think about people or their needs therefore in some countries military men will come to power who will be the only ones to guarantee order preventing chaos from ruining the infrastructures.

In the nearest future you are to see in the raw everybody who have ruled you for so many years and the actual goals these dutiful executors of the shadow states’ will pursued.

Why is it me who decided to tell you about this?

It is, first of all, because disclosure and masks throwing-off is my “sphere of activity”.

All these people – from the very top to minor bureaucrats have failed the power trail.

They have ruined not only their own souls but also souls of millions of people making them take the “vaccines” fatal for them by blackmail and menace, bringing to ruin and depriving of livelihood those who opposed.

Each of these people had choice: to remain human or to come to terms with their conscience.

They have made their choice and now will reap the fruit of their “labour”.

The outcome is very close now, my dear.

And for these days crucial for every human I would like to wish you power of Spirit and unshakeable Belief in yourselves which will help you overcome the last barrier separating from the long-awaited Transition.

Sincerely loving you,

Archangel Lucifer spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 16, 2022.

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