finishing-experimentGreetings, my dear light souls!

Today I would like to share with you the way I feel about the recent crucial events on Earth.

I see that my laborious work has been fruitful and a lot of people who did not use to think about such notions as Good and Evil now start to see clearly their manifestations at all the levels of existence.

Evil that used to hide behind the mask of virtue has shown now its true “colours” to all the people.

European leaders, the majority of whom are globalists’ protégés, do not disguise any more what they really are, as well as their actual intentions.

They even do not mince matters openly calling world community for war against the only country that despite globalists’ efforts of many years and their investments of billions in its disintegration has managed to maintain universal human values and traditions that are now being systematically and persistently destroyed all across the globe.

This by far the greatest battle between Good and Evil on Earth is of extreme importance not only for your planet but for the whole Universe of ours.

As you already know, it is your planet where a unique experiment was carried out, the one on genetic crossbreeding of different races and civilizations.

And the result of this experiment is of great importance both for our Creator and for all highly developed civilizations whose genes are contained in the human DNA.

I am also one of the participants of this experiment, and my part was unique: I was the one who constantly made one face the choice between Good and Evil in big and small.

I was the very “Tempter the Snake” who tested durability of pure Divine souls thereby helping them develop and get invaluable lessons of life in the third dimension world.

And now, with the experiment coming up to an end, the Dark Forces that captured your planet are trying to interfere with the Creator’s plan, the natural course of events and impose their own scenario on humanity.

Forcing people to take experimental preparations that contain alien UNDIVINE gene of one of the low vibration civilizations of the Greys, they are reducing to nothing a lot of the Light Forces’ achievements and ruin millions of pure human souls and their invaluable experience too that was gained during numerous incarnations in the third dimension world.

As a result, this experience gained will not be contributed to the general “treasury” of numerous representatives of our Galaxy whose “seeds” are contained in the human DNA.

So, the Dragon reptiles are committing a crime not only against humanity, but also against a great number of extraterrestrial civilizations ruining the fine ties that connect all the members of one Galaxy Family.

And such a crime of the Universe scale indeed cannot remain unpunished.

All the Light Forces are on the watch of your interests and, of course, no one will let the Dragon reptiles drive home their inhumane plan on depersonalization of pure and light human souls that are already on the very threshold of Ascension.

Of course, rescue will not work for everybody.

Yet, millions of revived people will still manage to reach the goal.

Not only will they preserve their innate Divinity but will also carry it further – to the Fifth dimension, which will become our common victory over the Forces of Evil and a proof of God’s gene in man being ineradicable.

And despite the fact that in their hopeless anger the Dark Forces embodied on Earth are trying to annihilate as many people as possible, do know that it mostly concerns those unable to make Transition anyway.

Those who are to do it will move to the new Earth of the Fifth dimension by all means.

Among them there also will be those who gave their lives in this last and the fiercest battle between the Forces of Light and Dark on your planet.

Your victory is close now, and I would like to wish patience and wisdom to you so that at the very last minute you will not stumble yourselves and will not let other revived souls do it either.

Sincerely loving you Archangel Lucifer spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 30, 2022.

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