ones-dignityGreetings, my dear light Souls!

I would like to talk to you again and the issue is as follows.

I know that many of you are perplexed how the Light Forces could let mass murder happen all across the globe now by means of the so-called “vaccination”.

And the process is not ceasing at all but is gaining in scale so far.

Of course, there are a lot of reasons for that but the main one is that most people have lost their dignity.

Moreover, it happened long ago – long before this farfetched pandemic and restrictions connected with it started.

The world of consumerism and the overwhelming majority of population’s conscience in blinkers have turned people into dutiful marionettes of the shadow government.

Pulling the strings and pressing the necessary “buttons” these “masters of the planet” entertained by watching people obediently making their way, like a donkey for a carrot, for more and more “toys” they were throwing in all the time wrapping them in an increasingly colourful and attractive way.

This way there was created fashion for everything: gadgets, clothes, cars, entertainments, food, houses and travel, while people were losing their individuality more and more having forgotten how to tell their own desires from those imposed on them from without.

As for these creatures – the Dragon reptiles and Orions who took over your planet – they were not just having fun but made a profit due to their “entertainments” at the same time treating people as “garbage”.

Yet, hating and despising people they nevertheless understood that without this “garbage” – its energy – they would not be able to exist.

And then they decided to make rather a risky experiment they had been conceiving for decades: to get rid of the unnecessary “ballast” cutting down the planet’s population as much as possible at the same time decreasing the vibrations of the rest to the extent they would be able to provide them with energy feed.

So as to disguise their true intentions, this time they have chosen biological weapon – unseen by an average person – and doomed people to voluntarily euthanasia by means of introduction of fateful “vaccines” into their bodies.

This plan was being worked out with great care for a long time and it is the complete lack of the feeling of one’s dignity of an average man that was the thing they considered as a guarantee for it to be implemented.

They were acting little by little making more and more convinced that they were right in their estimation.

Being frightened by a new unknown “virus” to death people put on masks readily, then let to be locked down at home and were delighted to accept a wonder-working “vaccine” offered by their governments for free.

Only few felt suspicious and opposed to it who managed to stand on their dignity in their soul and figured out the forgery of the phantasmagoria occurring all over the world.

This way natural selection took place: human souls were being sieved like gold-bearing sand thousands of which were left overboard but the rare gold grains were shining bright enough to attract the attention of the Light Forces of the Universe who gave a helping hand to these pure and light human Souls that preserved their inextinguishable Divine spark.

So now, this “sand” is being sieved for the second time so that not a single gold grain is missed that can be carefully and gently transferred from the third dimension world that has had its days to the Earth of the Fifth dimension where the feeling of one’s dignity is integral part of each inhabitant of this new wonderful world.

Yet, unfortunately, it is possible to revive the dignity lost by people only in extreme conditions putting them in danger of extinction, which is the thing occurring all over your planet now.

The new Earth will be moved to by the chosen ones – those who are ready for the great sacrifice to stand up for their inborn Divine feeling of inner freedom and dignity.

And I am proud of you, my dear, – of those who have not fallen, not surrendered to the human enslavement and humiliation system that has had its days, who defend their rights even at the cost of material privations still preserving their spiritual wholeness, their Divine Soul.

Sincerely loving you,

Archangel Lucifer spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 12, 2021.

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