creators-plan-on-humanity-revivalGreetings, my sweet beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about your attitude to the events taking place on Earth now – so controversial and sometimes tragic ones.

I see, my dear, that many of you are losing patience and it seems to you that everything has reached its extreme “boiling point”.

And now I will try to explain to you as much as possible what a true Creator’s plan on humanity revival on a global scale is.

Before all, you should know that nothing wrong can happen to you as long as you live in consistence with your Soul and follow your intuition in everything, not the absurd instructions of authorities or persistent advice of your close people, especially as far as receiving the “vaccine” fateful to your Soul is concerned.

It is the power of your Spirit and inexorable Belief in your success in moving to the Fifth dimension that are a guarantee of your being protected by the Light Forces.

And now I will explain why.

As you already know, your planet is a unique “trial area” for gaining the third dimension world life experience.

A lot of souls embodied on Earth now have come here hundreds and even thousands of times and now they are going to take “a final exam” in spiritual maturity.

But in this case what is assessed is not your erudition, wide reading or scholarship but just Power of Spirit and ability to hear your Soul.

And only those of you who will manage to get this “degree of spiritual maturity” will be able to move to the Fifth dimension with Earth bringing to a stop running in circles in the third dimension worlds and will advance to another spiral turn of their evolution.

As you see, my dear, the criteria applied to one for life in the third and Fifth dimensions are absolutely different.

While in the third dimension world one can reach the top thanks to one’s education and keen mind even irrespective of spiritual qualities, the Fifth dimension world cannot be moved to without the spiritual component “be they a Solomon” – that huge is the gap between Mind’s and Soul’s vibrations.

Unfortunately, in the dual world the balance between Mind and Soul is so rare that it is an exception to the rule rather than anything else.

And on the contrary, in the world of the Fifth dimension such a balance is normal since there Mind follows Soul and develops in the direction and the extent that bring joy to the person themselves and the people around – that is what we call “to the greater good of all”.

And the plan of the Creator is to bring to the new Earth the people who have become perfectly aware: the most valuable what one possesses is one’s pure and unselfish Soul that is the only one to lead one’s life having got rid of all the bonds to the third dimension world with all its criteria of wealth and success.

Yet, the purity of this Soul is not in weakness or submission but in strength and ability to live according to the Laws of the Universe not violating them itself and not letting others do it.

And the conditions of this “spiritual maturity exam” are so challenging only because it is for the first time in the Universe that its inhabitants are granted with the opportunity to move to a higher dimension keeping conscious and remaining in their physical bodies.

Earth has been chosen for this not by chance, for it is your planet that was “a school” for many and many representatives of the extraterrestrial civilizations who came here to acquire invaluable experience of their Soul’s evolution.

So at present, this great plan of the Creator is almost accomplished, while you are the immediate participants of it and it will take you just a little longer to get the cherished Divine “degree” – the pass to the new world.

I bless you and love you immensely, my dear!

Mother of the Universe spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 11, 2021.

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