save-your-childrens-soulsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

I would like to talk to you again since you are at the threshold of the great events that will upturn all your usual life.

And it is essential you take these changes without panic or fear but with faith in the better future that is not far off now.

As you see, everything is developing swiftly. The deep state’s marionettes at the helm have resorted to extreme measures this time almost forcing those in doubt to take the lethal vaccine having shown no mercy even towards children.

It hurts me, just like you, to see innocent children suffering – weak and unprotected they are brought to this inhumane procedure by their own parents.

Yet, I would like to comfort you and ensure that the pure souls of crystal children who underwent this procedure are under the Light Forces’ protection and they will be rescued.

And it will happen because it is not they themselves who made this choice but the so-called vaccination was forced on them, and it means that one of the main Laws of the Universe was violated – the Law of the Free Will.

Such a grave crime against children cannot remain unreciprocated, and every grown-up involved in it will be punishable in a well-deserved way.

I know that now a lot of parents face a hard choice as in some countries their governments do not allow unvaccinated children to attend schools and kindergartens.

And moreover, these criminals at the helm prohibit home schooling by law in an attempt to cut off people’s line of retreat.

Everything has been brought to the point of absurdity – to the logical end – the way it is viewed by the world puppeteers whose aim is to totally submit people and depersonalize man.

I understand that many of you have no opportunity to let your children stay at home as you have to earn a living.

This is exactly what these INhumans stake on issuing such inhumane instructions.

But I would like you, my dear, to understand that health and happiness of your children depends on you only.

Only you can protect your child no matter what it takes you.

Search for any opportunity to rescue your children from the “guillotine” of mandatory vaccination they are threatened with.

Get united into groups, find like-minded parents!

Make your own schools with clever, talented and independent teachers whose conscience has broken free from the metes and bounds of the “system” inflicted on people by high and mighty.

Do not trust official educational establishments where your children can be forcibly vaccinated without your knowledge because they are too little so far to identify the trap.

Believe me, my dear ones, you have to stand just a little longer.

Quite soon this world that has had its days will collapse.

And it will hurt still more to realize one’s lapse and crime in respect of one’s own children in case of people who danced to the tune of the soulless system headed by the creatures as soulless that are obsessed by the idea of your planet’s population reduction.

Do not rely on the help from heaven only, my beloved. It is being provided indeed but, as far as “vaccination” aftereffects neutralization is concerned, it happens in some exceptional cases only.

Remember that your life and your children’s life are in your own hands and being physically incarnated on Earth you can really work wonders as the power of your Spirit is unlimited indeed!

Realize it and feel it with all your being!

You are the Creator’s particles that have descended to Earth during this unique period of her development to live through the genuine experience of a new reality creation.

And I would like you to manage it in an appropriate way preserving your own souls and those of your children.

I bless you, my dear!

Affectionately loving you,

Mother of the Universe spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 17, 2021.

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