scales-of-your-conscienceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I have come to you with good news.

The Divine scales with your thoughts and actions have finally become leveled.

I see, my dear, that your work at the subtle level has brought its fruit and the events taking place now at the physical level are a vivid example of it.

More and more people start getting rid of the fear of the future and unpredictability of authorities and understand that this future is in their own hands.

But the most important is that people have eventually realized that whatever they do, whatever humiliation or concessions they agree to, their former free life will never return.

They have become aware of the iron grip of the invisible enemies’ hand who, acting by means of their visible representatives, are making the policy of total submission of people to absurd, inhumane and contradictory orders depriving them of their right to dispose of their destiny, body and health.

They do not even spare children depriving them of happy childhood and joy of communication with peers.

Poor children are completely lost and frightened. It is hard for them to understand why grown-ups and even their own parents do not let them breathe, play or enjoy life freely.

But their sacrifice was not in vain.

It is children, their sufferings and fear for their life and health, to be exact, that for many people have become the turning point of their conscience transformation – the very Divine call that helped them awake from the nightmare of the present reality.

Pure, tender, susceptible creature which any child is has turned into the crucial factor in the final battle between the Light and the Dark Forces on Earth.

And the things that will soon be opened to the world will make horrified even the most ignorant and fast asleep inhabitants of your planet.

The atrocities performed in respect of unprotected children by the “masters” of your planet will strike humanity to the bottom of the heart.

It is the announcement of these horrible facts that the very Disclosure you have been waiting for so long will start with.

And it will pull “the thread of Ariadne” that will show you the way out of the third dimension labyrinth where your souls have been wandering for so long getting embodied over and over again.

Hard times are coming for you, my dear, but without this crisis – without this collapse of your conscience, usual life style, dethroning of your idols and full disclosure of the deep state’s crimes it is impossible to create a new world.

Same as it is impossible for a person to make headway in spiritual development without admitting their mistakes and correcting them, society cannot develop failing to get rid of century-old false world view, power institutions that force people into slavery and their representatives deeply involved in crimes and corruption.

And, eventually, you have managed to move this “unwieldy mass” blocking your way and preventing you from living a happy, jolly and quiet life.

Unanimously have you risen against a handful of insane creatures who endangered your planet and humanity in general.

It took you just a little longer than a year to realize the extent of your lapse, and now a huge layer of the population of Earth has moved from its usual location and started to move forward – to the new era of the Fifth dimension wiping off the ones who are trying to prevent them from doing this.

We are happy to see the gigantic surge of the conscience that happened in case of the majority of your planet’s population for this period of time.

And I would like you to know that every revived person can lead the way of thousands of others charging them with their light energy, feeling of freedom and belief in victory.

And it is occurring now all around the globe, which levels and balances the good thoughts of the increasing number of people that at the physical level get transformed into good deeds.

It is just what we were expecting you to do, my dear ones, and you have completely lived up to our expectations.

The very long-awaited Unity of disembodied and pure light embodied souls is coming, the one that can work wonders.

And they are not far off now.

Affectionately loving you,

Mother of the Universe spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 23, 2021.

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