LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Physical aspect of inner state of man)

life-on-new-earth-physical-aspect-of-inner-state-of-manGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we move on to the next component of the inner state of man – its physical aspect.

As you already know, any disorder shows first at the subtle level and only then at the physical one.

In other words, the energy disbalance of this or that chakra of man causes a disorder of this or that body’s organ or vital function that this chakra is “in charge of”.

This is exactly the reason why we started our talk about the inner state of man with its energy component.

And though this correlation has already been talked about a lot in my previous messages, today we will consider it from a little different angle.

I know, my dear, that so far not all of you can feel your chakras good enough to adjust their work literally on the go.

Therefore, for those of you who have not learnt to use your “subtle tuning” yet I will offer backwards practices.

Thanks to them you will learn to balance your energy centers relying on the physical prompts of your body.

But for this you should be able to understand your body not neglecting even the slightest signs that are manifested in any deviations from normal harmonious performance.

Well, what can be considered as normal?

It is such an inner state of man when one simply does not feel one’s body, that is, it does not hurt anywhere, one breathes easily, moves lightly and feeling no tiredness copes with everyday routine with no efforts.

Such a state can be typical of a person irrespective of their age since age itself is again the third dimension world pattern that has been instilled into your conscience for centuries by high and mighty.

Human body’s reserves are actually unlimited and its aging is triggered by your thoughts that with the course of time one gets older, falls ill and dies.

And even the time of “aging” was settled by those who were interested in that people die from old age and illnesses thereby emitting the energy of pain and sorrow they love so much.

Thus, reptiloids who seized power on Earth, having learnt to control human conscience, initiated by means of it physiological processes of quick physical body’s wear.

They, unlike people, have always known that thought is material and made use of this knowledge leading human thoughts the direction they need.

Manipulating human conscience the way people constantly live in fear they destroyed their energy structure thereby starting up the mechanism of their physical body’s destruction.

This is how they produced one of the most pernicious fears for the human Soul – the fear to fall ill, which they take advantage of up till present.

This is exactly the fear that their programme on Earth’s population robotization was based on through artificially created pandemic and general vaccination of people.

Disease and death.

This idea made millions of people on Earth accept fateful vaccine whose consequences, as a matter of fact, are much worse than death itself because the components of these vaccines destroy eternal Divine Soul of a person.

Here we will stop for today and in the coming messages we will move on to the practical issues on coordination of physical and energy aspects that make influence on your inner state.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 19, 2021.

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