transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-energy-of-reikiGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on speaking about energies and their practical application.

And we will start with classification of Divine energies according to their vibrations.

The most widely spread Divine energy on Earth at present is the Energy of Reiki that many people use for healing.

It really works for people whose vibrations are still at the level of the third dimension.

This energy came to your planet at the beginning of last century and it was of rather high vibrations for those times.

Mikao Usui and his followers successfully used it for healing of not only the body but human Soul as well.

Fortunately, he managed to combine the Divine energy given to him with life philosophy – formulate the “Principles of Reiki” based on the Laws of the Universe.

The healing effect was mostly due to the fact that one changed one’s attitude to life thereby cleansing one’s conscience and subtle bodies from dark heavy energies.

The coming of the Energy of Reiki to Earth was a real breakthrough in the world of healing since, thanks to it, people realized themselves as multidimensional beings and could in practice make sure of the extent their own thoughts and emotions effect their health and of the way they can change under the influence of the Energy of Reiki.

And while interaction with Divine energies used to be a prerogative of the select few: saints, spiritual leaders and light ancient souls, with the arrival of Reiki high vibration healing energy became common.

Unfortunately, not everybody was ready to accept it because each person is unique and each is at their own energy level.

Moreover, historical events that Earth was rich in last century did not promote human vibrations increase.

Numerous wars and revolutions did not encourage human spiritual growth and people mostly generated the energies of the lowest vibrations such as anger, aggression, fear for one’s life and one’s close people’s lives.

The energy of Reiki was miraculously preserved thanks to the devoted followers of Mikao Usui and gained wide popularity only at the end of last century.

Yet, as it is usually the case with a good undertaking that finds itself in the hands of unscrupulous people it was given a commercial character.

Reiki “initiations” began to be sold for big money, although any person could get it for free asking the Higher Powers to open this Divine channel for them.

Besides, so as to make themselves more important, many Reiki “teachers” started coming up with new symbols and branches of this school selling their “unique initiations” for big money.

The symbols of Reiki were actually created to make the work with this energy easier for people.

Since the overwhelming majority’s conscience was and still is within the third dimension world, they need a material “link” – some kind of fetish that could help them anchor the Energy of Reiki at Earth.

So, the symbols created by Mikao Usui perfectly met this need.

They function as placebo – one using these symbols got what one believed in.

But this energy really helped only those who started living according to the “Principles of Reiki”, that is, to the Laws of the Universe.

While for those deeply plunged into the third dimension world it was just a “painkiller” no matter whether séances of Reiki were made by the person themselves or by an expensive “master” of Reiki.

Yet, the great merit of Reiki School is that for the first time it combined energy and life philosophy vividly showing people that Divine energy can help them only if they can change their conscience for the Divine one and start living in consistence with the Laws of the Universe.

And I know that it is Reiki that for many became the very first stage of their spiritual development that has led them to Ascension.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 2, 2020.

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