transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-energy-of-love-and-lightGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will speak about the energy which vibrations are considerably higher than those of the Уnergy of Reiki’s.

This is the Energy of Love and Light.

While Reiki is Divine energy of the third dimension, the Energy of Love and Light can be called intermediary between the third and the fourth dimensions.

In other words, it can be accepted only by the person who has already left the third dimension world bounds, that is, the one who realized oneself as a multidimensional being and who has embarked on the path of spiritual development.

And now I will explain to you in more details what I mean by saying “can accept this or that energy”.

As you already know everything in the Universe consists of energy.

Yet, the energy all Earth’s space and all human subtle bodies are created of has many types and subtypes.

Thus, in the dual world there are positive and negative energies.

The positive ones include the Energy of Love, Gratitude, Sympathy that in their turn have a variety of subtypes – different shades and nuances.

While the negative ones have the energy of anger, fear, hatred among them that also have a huge number of subtypes.

Each of the energies has a certain level of vibrations: either of a positive or a negative character.

Yet, since man is a complex multidimensional being, in their energy space there can be combined a great deal of energies at the same time – sometimes really different and contradicting each other.

A lot here depends on their physical and psychic state, as well as on the conditions they find themselves at present.

This is the reason why one’s vibrations are constantly fluctuating too.

As far as the energies being at issue now are concerned, arriving at Earth from the pure Divine source they convey SIMILAR vibrations typical of just this kind of energy.

Since these energies come to Earth from without – from space and they do not relate to any living being, they keep their vibration level in any conditions.

What is the difference between earthly energy and heavenly one?

Earthly energy being put into the third dimension space, constantly changes depending on the energy field of the being it finds itself in.

Why does this happen?

Only because of the fact that it lost its initial purity long ago and just as people have adapted to the third dimension world conditions, it has also adapted to their energies following the “route” created by human conscience.

Depending on the power and purity of a certain person’s thoughts and emotions this energy has this or that level of vibrations.

It is possible to say that for the many millennia man has been living on Earth they “enslaved” the energy of their planet – put it in their service.

So now, unique time has come when to Earth there are coming new Divine “refreshing” energies that in terms of vibration frequency are incomparably higher than the third dimension world’s ones that man has got used to living in.

And to accept them in one’s energy space can only those whose conscience has already broken free from the third dimensionality, which automatically leads to human subtle bodies’ purification and one’s energy space vibration level increase.

The Energy of Love and Light is designed just for the people like this – the ones who have just made their first step on the path of Ascension and, consequently, are ready to take in not only new knowledge but also new high vibration energies nowadays arriving at Earth.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 3, 2020.

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