transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-intelligent-energiesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will move on to a new topic.

I will tell you in more details about the impact produced on you by new energies and about the way your conscience and body transformation will occur at the last stage of Earth’s Transition to the Fifth dimension.

Now, when most of you have already managed not just get acquainted with them at the subtle level but also feel them physically, it is time to switch over from theory to practice making use of these Divine flows arriving from Heaven not only during meditations but in your everyday life, too.

For a start, you should find out what energy it is possible to work with just for you.

Those who have long been reading messages on this site remember that for four and a half years it has existed you were given a variety of energies – from the Energy of Love and Light to the Energy of Ascension.

As you understand, these energies feature different vibration levels and all of them were offered to you little by little so as to save you from “overdosage” that may result in the consequences not only at the physical level but can also upset your peace of mind.

And many of you have already experienced it yourselves.

Work with energies is always a subtle unpredictable process, therefore, first of all,  I would like to warn you and give you some advice that will help you advance on the road of Ascension at your own speed with no haste or energy distortions.

Treat these new energies as living beings.

Always remember they possess conscience that is a level higher than that of yours.

It is explained by the fact that Divine energies arrive to you from the subtle level and convey not only sacred knowledge but a full picture of the current events on Earth.

These energies are photon flows, with each micro particle possessing conscience of its own.

This knowledge includes not only information about the Universe but also about each living being this energy comes into contact with.

Myriads of such particles are now being directed to Earth so as to take the seal off Divine human codes that have been deactivated during people’s living in the third dimension world.

To help this process run smooth, with no harm to human psychic or subtle bodies that are still compressed, the energies are being supplied to Earth in a measured manner.

By means of these energies there are being increased vibrations of the people whose souls chose Transition to the Fifth dimension with Earth.

While those not ready or unable to accept them because of their energy structure are kept clear by these energies since low vibrations of such people do not allow them to let the energies into their energy space.

Moreover, these intelligent energies coming into contact with each person not only scan them for vibration level but also for their Soul’s incarnation mission thereby getting a whole set of information about them.

And in my next message I will tell you about it in more details.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 31, 2020.

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