LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Energy “medical emergency service”)

life-on-new-earth-energy-medical-emergency-serviceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on talking about the physical component of the inner state of man.

How can you identify that your inner state is directly correlated with the physical one?

Of course, first of all, by signs of discomfort in your body that at the subtle level get immediately transformed to the negative feelings of fear and worry about your health.

This is the impulse arising in your conscience that should become the starting point of your work on harmonization of the energy and physical components of your inner state.

Let us consider the mechanism of their interaction having a case study.

Suppose, your heart suddenly begins to ache.

The reasons can be numerous.

Yet, this time we will start not with the search of the psychosomatic cause of the pain that appeared but will study the energy component of this problem.

Before all, you should remember what chakra is responsible for the heart performance of man.

This is the fourth – heart – chakra.

Therefore, so as to bring the work of the heart to normal you should as soon as possible make this chakra balanced and harmonized with the others.

This is some kind of energy “medical emergency service” that you can provide to yourself.

Even if you do not feel your heart chakra, you can visualize it as an energy center of green colour.

Concentrate all your attention on it.

Imagine that your chakra is “wounded”: there are some holes and dark spots in it, it has become distorted and lost its ideal form.

In a word, your heart chakra is on the blink, and you have to restore it right away returning its original appearance.

Invoke the Flame of Universe Love and ask it to dissolve all the alien things that appeared in your heart chakra and then fill it with the Energy of Ascension.

So as to consolidate the result, ask the Energy of Ascension to bring all your chakras to a balance thereby correlating the fourth chakra with the others.

It is extremely important since only the smooth and well-coordinated work of all your subtle sense organs can make your physical condition completely balanced.

Do not lose your heart if you do not feel the energies passing through your chakras.

Your sincere intention will do its work.

The advantage of this practice is that it let you feel its results at the physical level immediately.

If you have done everything right, the heartache should cease or disappear completely.

And only after you take away painful symptoms by means of energy, you should by all means find the psychological cause of this pain so as to avoid its coming back.

Most often it is fear and worry about yourself or your close people, which is even reflected in your language: “My heart bleeds for him”.

But you already know, my dear, that your heart should not bleed for somebody but be happy and send people Love and best wishes.

That is why after you have found the reason of the discomfort that arose, replay the situation in your thoughts thereby removing the cause from your conscience and subconscience.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 20, 2021.

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