Your sister Gloria

your-sister-gloriaIn today’s message I’d like to tell you about the planet, which plays a very important role in your life, even though you are completely unaware of that.

I am talking about the planet Gloria, which is located on the other side of the sun and therefore is unseen for you. It is a remarkable planet, which combines in itself all the best things which has been created on earth by different civilizations from the time of the very beginning. And it is populated by the most pure souls who had ever lived on earth.

Why have I decided to speak about it today? Because Gloria is a prototype of of the earth of the future. It is already in the 5D, and there reigns the same atmosphere, which would be on your planet after Ascension.

An intense work is carried out there now, because many of the inhabitants of Gloria have voluntarily decided to become your helpers, and now develop the new ways of communication with you in order to teach you how to live in the new conditions and utilize new opportunities.

This is a planet of great workers because it attracts only those souls who have chosen service for the people. It is characterized by a very active and creative atmosphere. Everyone is busy working in their field of work – the one his soul has chosen.

This planet is open for visitors from all civilizations that are friendly to earthlings, who wish to contribute to the remarkable project – the Shift of Earth into the 5D.

Many scientists, actors, singers – those whose talents beatified the Earth by their presence, have moved over to this wonderful planet after their exit from Earth. And now they observe with great interest what’s happening on Earth, trying with all their means to bring the valuable information to people.

Communication with citizens of Gloria would allow you to become quickly accustomed to the new life, because when you see the familiar faces and those who have been loved and respected person on Earth; it would warm up your soul and it would seem that you returned home after a long business trip, difficult and exhausting, and now at last you are welcomed by your real home; where there is an atmosphere of love and mutual understanding, where you see familiar kin faces; where you could rest with your soul and could do what you’ve dreamed about for a long time, but could not do for the reasons not depending on you.

Planet Gloria is the mirror image of Earth, but only in its ideal variety, where duality does not exist, which means any expression of negative energies and emotions Is absent.

The nature of Gloria is similar to the nature of Earth, but pristine and pure, and therefore it seems that the colors are brighter and more intense.

For a long time, Gloria have remained outside of your vision field, and now the time has come for you to find out about your sister, which is waiting for you impatiently and dreams to have you as peaceful, happy and harmonious inhabitants of this beautiful planet.

As soon as Earth would move into the 5D, you would be able to fly easily and freely to visit each other, to learn how to live in the magical world, to create your world and surrounding you reality with the power of your thoughts and intentions.

And all of that is very close, dear ones!

Your Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on August 27, 2016

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