LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Energy of Powerlessness)

life-on-new-earth-energy-of-powerlessnessGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on speaking about the way you can learn to Love Unconditionally still being in the world of the third dimension.

At present the time has come when each human Soul is undergoing the durability test almost every day.

The world government that has had their days being in agony is trying to impose on people the rules to make even the calmest and most patient person generate negative energies of irritation, censure and powerlessness to change anything.

It is the last energy mentioned that I would like to talk about in detail today since until now we have not almost touched upon it.

What lies behind the notion – powerlessness to change the existing state of things?

First of all, weakness (lack of strength) and energy depletion.

Through this energy generation there is carried out tremendous pump down of human vitality.

And since “nature abhors a vacuum”, all kinds of astral beings are rushing to take it inflaming in people discontent, aggression, annoyance, sorrow…

As a result, one’s vibrations decrease sharply, while astral beings, reptiloids and those with their ilk get their first-grade low vibration nourishment and access to these people’s conscience control.

After the dress rehearsal of the play named “Coronavirus” that according to its “producers” was a success, they finally made a decision to announce “the first night”.

In compliance with the well-tested on your planet scenario of gradual instilling of the programmes they need, they decided that the programmes of fear for the invisible enemy and masking have already fixed in the subconscience of the overwhelming majority of the planet’s population.

So, they went further making masking not voluntary but obligatory charging enormous fines for disobedience.

Thereby, they provoke people for powerful outbursts of the energy of powerlessness to change anything, and as a way out of this situation they are going to offer “salvational” vaccine.

In other words, they decided to nag people into doing anything just to get rid of exhausting masking and the nightmare imposed on them.

And so far they have everything running smooth.

But let us come back to the energy of powerlessness.

Another side of it is recognition of oneself being a slave of the situation and consequently, denial of one’s Divine origin and ability to create one’s reality by power of thought and energy.

It is the suppression of the Freedom of Will that has always been the main tool of reptiloids.

They are perfectly aware of their being powerless in the face of Human Creator that is why from the times immemorial their main purpose has been to turn tremendous human energy potential of people in their favour.

And since the most powerful energy in the Universe is Love, it is Love that they were and are trying to pervert, suppress and reduce to the level of owner’s attachment to one’s family, which is typical of them themselves.

While a person emitting Unconditional Love endangers their life just like weapon of mass destruction.

Yet, this “weapon” hits only dark low vibration creatures embodied as humans, those who cannot live in the Divine Energy of Love.

For pure human souls this energy is a cleansing and sobering “shower” that washes away all the “dirt” of the third dimension world that stuck on them and breaks up bundles of astral beings that every minute are waiting for moral lapse of a person so as to fall on their “food”.

And you should have a clear idea of it, my dear, since with Earth’s vibrations increasing more and more, many of you will start seeing the subtle level and it should not make you frightened, just show you what things really are.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 1, 2020.

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