life-on-new-earth-virgin-maryGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I will tell you about Virgin Mary who for many believers, as well as Yeshua, is a symbol of holiness.

Unlike her son, she came to Earth in that famous incarnation of hers with no particular mission.

But the fact that it was her who Yeshua chose as his mother as early as before he descended to Earth is, of course, not by chance.

This light Soul was able to feel the uniqueness of her child and guide his development quite unusual way for those times.

The fact that Mary gave Yeshua to the Essenes sect played a crucial role in his spiritual development and helped embark on the destined path.

Of course, the legend about immaculate conception is just a beautiful fairy tale contrived by the clergy to render the personality of Jesus Christ mystical.

They need an idol for worship, not a live jolly and happy person telling people about God and their own complicity to him in most common words using funny real-life stories, parables and legends.

Just as the bible history falsified the very personality of Yeshua and his true teaching, so it did with the fact of his birth itself.

It was church that made Virgin Mary a Saint though in her life she was a most common woman from a poor family who helped her husband Joseph to earn a living doing all kinds of work in houses of the rich.

Her personal wealth was inborn wisdom, outstanding kindness and sympathy, which she inculcated in her son from the very childhood.

She supported all Yeshua’s undertakings since she felt his unique spiritual potential and ability to lead people’s way.

Mary drained the cup of woe having experienced his tragic passing away from the earthling level.

But even after that she got courage not just to go on living but communicate Love and Good to people, as well as preach the Teaching of her son same as Mary Magdalene.

Due to her maternity feat after leaving the physical level her Soul made an enormous evolution advance ascending to the level of the seventh dimension where it chose the mission of Service to humanity.

She has always been and still is most helpful to earthly mothers since like nobody else she understands their pain and sorrow for their beloved children.

And people feel it addressing her each time when their Soul is uneasy and ask her protection and support.

And she sends them all her tenderness, kindness and Love trying to assuage their suffering and show a way out of complicated life situations.

This woman is a Saint indeed, since even being embodied she could understand and accept the mission of her only son and his death for the good of humanity.

His Ascension became for her not just a sacrifice but a vivid example of his Teaching about every person being a particle of God.

And now finding herself at the subtle level of Earth she is trying to help other mothers realize this, too.

She is doing her best for them not just to care for their children but to believe in their spiritual strength and inborn talents, not just to love them but to respect their Free Will.

Same as other Saints, she does this in a delicate and unnoticeable way helped by her numerous assistants and especially Safeguard Angels who can aid them at the physical level.

Maternal Love of Virgin Mary is unlimited indeed.

And many people feeling this ask her for help and support as a close and dear person.

And believe me, my dear, she hears each of you.

Be grateful to her and love her just the way she loves you!

Here we will stop for today

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 18, 2020.

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