LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Jesus Christ)

life-on-new-earth-jesus-christGreetings, my dear beloved children!

And now we will talk about the Saints people are used to addressing most often.

And first of all, they are the ones who you call Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary.

And we will start with my beloved son Yeshua.

He was one of the few who managed to fulfill the mission he incarnated on Earth for.

But it turned out to be much more difficult for him to do than he expected while planning his great incarnation in the subtle worlds.

He was made no exception, and he came to Earth with his memory deleted.

And despite the fact the Higher Powers were literally holding his hand pointing out the necessary direction for him this or that way, he plunged into the third dimension world rather deep, too getting to know all the aspects of living there – the sweet and the bitter of human life.

He did not become an anchorite or a wise man watching the things occurring around him but got completely plunged into the whirlpool of life.

Being a handy man he worked a lot, which he really enjoyed.

He experienced a strong all-absorbing love to woman, and, of course, Mary Magdalene – his twin flame – was sent him not by chance.

It was her who was complementary to him in everything and helped him bring to an end his mission of a global scale indeed.

This Divine symbiosis of the masculine and the feminine principles and their complete mergence helped Yeshua to switch over to full-fledged Service for the sake of humanity.

Yet, at the same time it made his task more complicated.

Having learnt the joy of a happy family life, it hurt him a lot to part with his deeply loved wife and children.

Still, it was due to a total immersion into the life of a common person that he managed to feel all the needs, joy and sorrow of the people of that time.

He became one of them, which facilitated him to find the right approach to these people, the simple and easy words that revealed the essence of existence clear and distinctly, which won people’s hearts and resulted in unusual trust to this person.

And this goes on up till now, my dear.

By intuition many of you feel that it is this Light Soul who can understand you like nobody else, take you as you are – with all your strong and weak points and support you at the most difficult moments of your life.

Many call Yeshua God, and they are not far from being right.

His Soul is actually in the world of very high vibrations – in the eighth density where it goes on with its Service to humanity fragmenting itself into myriads of particles, and each of them features endless Love, Kindness and Compassion.

He really hears everyone who addresses him, feels their pain and overcoming a huge vibration gap between you tries to soothe your sorrow.

But the principle of his interaction with people, just as that of other Saints’, remains the same: it is always based on Divine expediency.

And it is not just empty words for him since his own life on Earth when he incarnated there as Yeshua was in perfect compliance with this unshakeable postulate, too which main feature is spiritual development of people.

This great Soul continues with its humanity rescue mission now too and not just from the subtle level.

Thousands of this Soul’s particles are embodied on Earth now, and many of them have switched over to Service, to this or that extent promoting revival of people and the awareness of their Divine essence.

During this really great Time of Changes the role of Yeshua is significant as ever, for it is he who is a symbol of Ascension for people, and now he is guiding the entire Earth with the best of her sons and daughters.

And this general Ascension is quite near now.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 17, 2020.

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