LIFE ON NEW EARTH (False saints)

life-on-new-earth-false-saintsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about false saints and their interaction with people.

Well, what happens when one asks for help those who are actually not Saints?

As I have already told you, sometimes church canonizes those who served church itself rather than people, that is, contributed their share to the development of this or that religious confession.

People mostly feel the falsity and artificiality of such “holiness”, but, yet, someone can refer to such a false saint canonized by church by an accident and ask them for help.

So, what happens in this case?

As a rule, nothing happens because such a false “saint” being not in the light worlds at all cannot help people in any way.

But as a result of their ungodly deeds after they leave the physical level they are in the lower astral worlds it is quite possible that by means of their icon there can appear an energy bridge between them and the person who addressed their prayer to them.

But the only thing they can share with people is what they have themselves – astral beings who they send to people’s energy space.

Perhaps, the desire of this person can even be fulfilled.

Yet, it can happen only if it is a low vibration and merely material one, which will plunge the person into the third dimension world still more.

Why will it happen?

The only reason is that then this person will generate still more low vibration energies admired by astral beings so much.

Always remember, my dear, unlike Light creatures who provide people with help in accordance with Divine expediency, Dark beings are always driven by their own benefit and do their best to provoke low vibration human energy outbursts.

But there is one more group of “Saints” – the so-called the blessed who in their life were those commonly called holy fools.

Quite often by means of such people who for these or those reasons got out of their mind astral beings were speaking who liked the attention of a curious crowd very much.

Such “ventriloquism” that was rather unusual and fearful for people gradually acquired fantasy and guesses which were given a touch of oracles and prophecy.

Passed by word of mouth their utterings were gradually transformed and became more meaningful and “prominent”.

And especially after death the name of such a holy fool went on giving rise to legends, which gave them a particular halo of “holiness”.

Dancing to the tune of the crowd, church sometimes canonized the blessed like this but their help was of the kind I have just told you about.

It is explained by the fact that the one who lost their reason being embodied cannot ascend to the higher worlds after they leave the physical level since their Soul is constantly overwhelmed by lower level astral beings influence.

Therefore, my dear, be careful while choosing your Heavenly patrons.

Feel the vibrations of the one you address.

Listen to your intuition – the way your Soul and heart respond to this or that icon, to the name of this or that Saint.

I know that many of you have already decided on their Spiritual guides and keep in touch with them all the time.

And the stronger the bond, the more efficient the help you get from Heavens is.

And I am happy that the overwhelming majority of people feel real Saints and choose just them as their Heavenly patrons and assistants while in dire straits.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 16, 2020.

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