LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Live icons)

life-on-new-earth-live-iconsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I will tell you in detail how interaction between people and the ones you call Saints occurs.

Why while looking at images of some Saints you feel strong unexplainable attraction, while some others do not arise any special feelings in you.

Of course, a lot depends on the image itself that always conveys the energy of the person it was created by.

Thus, if an icon was painted by a person of a pure and light Soul, their energy getting merged with the energy of the Saint depicted in it made it still more powerful.

Moreover, an icon painter conducting the energy of the Saint unintentionally anchored it thereby facilitating people’s communicating with this Light Soul finding itself at the subtle level.

This is exactly the reason, my dear, why some icons “work wonders”: by intuition people feel the high vibrations of both the Saints depicted in them and the creators of the icons.

This symbiosis of the energies coming downwards and upwards is some kind of combination of Heavenly and earthly dwelling – the Portal connecting the two worlds.

Well, what goes on at the moment when deeply religious person sincerely refers their prayer for help to the Saint depicted in the icon?

If their intensions are pure and the request features spiritual component, this person’s energy is likely to overcome the vibration barrier separating the dense world from the subtle one, and by means of the icon they will get merged by their conscience with the conscience of the Saint they are addressing.

What happens next?

And then at the subtle level there occurs some sort of scanning of both the person and the request thereby identifying its Divine expediency.

As you already know, the person finding themselves in the third dimension world sees just a small fragment of the entire picture – some particular scene of their life they are focused on right now and which seems to them most important as if their whole life depends on it.

It can concern anything: health, relationships with other people, work, new accommodation, moving to another country…

As a rule, one is eager to move away all the obstacles on one’s way to the aim and they often ask Saints for help.

Yet, unlike the person themselves, the creatures inhabiting the subtle level can see and study all the possible time lines of the developments and understand which one is the most beneficial for the person.

And if it becomes evident for the Heavenly creatures that the road chosen by the person themselves is a dead-end one in all respects, they try to lead the person’s way another direction that they are destined to and that was chosen by their Soul before the incarnation on Earth.

Thus, ignoring their request, Saints do their best to help one realize the idea being a mistake and see better and more successful options for them: to find a new spouse, new exciting job, accommodation that is more suitable for them or a new country to live in where they will be really happy.

As far as health is concerned, the person’s request can also be respected in rather an unexpected way.

Sometimes one completely recovers from seemingly incurable disease in the manner unexplainable for doctors.

But in some other cases, just on the contrary, the disease gets aggravated making one’s sufferings unbearable.

And, perhaps, you have already guessed that it also has to do with Divine expediency.

If the sick person has completely purified spiritually and is ready to follow the road chosen by the Soul, a miracle recovery takes place.

While if they are persistent in their negative thoughts, emotions and views, still more suffering is sent to them through which they are given chance to reborn in terms of their inner world and, consequently, to come to God mindfully and sincerely.

This is what happens, my dear, when you address Saints inhabiting Heavens.

And it is essential to realize that neither of them will respond your request mindlessly – just because you asked them to do so.

As a rule, they help only those of you who are READY to accept this help at the level of the Soul, not Mind, which actually what real Divine help arriving from Heaven is.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 15, 2020.

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