WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Personal space)

window-on-new-world-personal-spaceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will discuss in more detail the personal space of an individual.

What is it?

Personal space is, before all, energy isolation from other people.

And such isolation is quite possible to reach even being physically in the crowd.

But it can only happen when a person’s vibration level exceeds manifold the vibration level of the people around, which itself sets invisible border between them.

With the level of vibrations being the same the personal borders between people get obliterated and their energies freely circulate moving from one individual to another one.

This is exactly the reason for the crowd effect to arise when similar emotions immediately seize hundreds and sometimes thousands of people.

But in any crowd one can see somebody who does not give way to the general emotional impulse and keeps neutral.

This is a rare case that occurs only if one has managed to keep inviolable their personal space.

Some people have it in an instinctive way, while some others do it consciously.

In the third dimension world it is, actually, very hard to gain personal energy space and keep it inviolable because everything here is literally penetrated with the third dimension energies.

And here one has to isolate oneself in terms of energy not only from other people but also from low vibration environment especially in public spaces that have absorbed the energies of thousands of people.

This is exactly why many of you feel so unwell in large shops, public transport, schools and hospitals even having set energy shield at yourselves.

Your energy shield gets broken because of the fact it cannot resist thus high concentration of the negative energy that has accumulated in places like these.

Therefore, to feel totally safe in terms of energy one also needs physical personal space.

And it is preferable to be natural environment and not somewhere indoors in the city.

The thing is that there is the energy mechanism for autopurification originally characteristic of nature.

Besides, this mechanism also applies to all the living beings who find themselves in its action range.

So, for example, the Element of Air cleanses gas-polluted cities with winds and the Element of Water washes away the dirt that has accumulated on the ground with rains.

Besides, it happens simultaneously at the physical and energy level.

Perhaps, many of you have noticed how easily you breathe after the rain.

And it is explained by the fact that space gets purified not only physically but in terms of energy too: negative energy gets dissolved in the high vibrations of the Element of Water.

As for an individual, having found themselves in the country, they can intensify the process of their purification manifold having invoked natural elements for help, as a result of which their own energy space expands manifold thanks to the purification and expansion of their subtle bodies.

To some an extent, it works indoors too, of course, but there even invoking natural elements you limit their actions by walls that prevent them from getting the free scope.

Therefore, my dear, take the slightest opportunity to get away to the country so that having merges one with it to purify and impregnate your aura with the purest energies of the Divine natural source as much as possible.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 20, 2023.

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