THE TRIUNITY OF THE SPIRIT, THE SOUL AND THE BODY (The conscience and the body united)

the-triunity-of-the-spirit-the-soul-and-the-body-the-conscience-and-the-body-unitedGreetings, my dear beloved children!

In my coming messages I would like to give you recommendations on how to make your body tuned to the new Earth vibrations still living in the 3D world.

The inconsistency of your conscience that has partially passed over to the 4D and in some cases in the 5D with your 3D physical bodies has its advantages and disadvantages.

What are the advantages?

The greatest advantage is that you can encourage your body transformation to the level of that of the conscience’s which is coming into the picture at present.

It resembles a man who sees someone drowning and rushes to rescue them.

But the outcome depends on whether one manages to reach the coast with the heavy load or they drown together.

This is what is happening to most of you at present.

The desire to encourage your body transformation giving it a chance of Ascension is enormous in many of you.

But, unfortunately, the power of inertia that has been guiding you for so long is too great for every conscience to overcome to a full extent.

The majority of you progress spiritually in fits and starts being dependent on your mood, physical condition and opportunity…

Very few are capable of everyday work with no regrets and are determined to keep on going slow and sure ignoring astral beings provocations, giving up bad habits that cause negative emotions and relevant actions.

In other words, the theory that has been accumulated for many years wouldn’t change into practice.

The fact that you want to do this is a great advantage for your spiritual progress though.

The disadvantage is that the vibration frequency gap between your conscience and your physical body is so huge that it inevitably leads to the decline of the latter.

It happens because of the energy support the body lacks, that is the 3D conscience it used to have.

Due to the similar vibration frequency of the conscience your body got used to living in severe conditions of the 3D world such as living in big cities, unhealthy food and contaminated air, emotional stress and tension.

So, your conscience did its best to help the body to manage all this.

But while 3D humans have their conscience and body united, highly developed spiritual humans following Ascension path have their conscience separated from the dense material being, precisely, your physical casing.

This huge vibrations frequency gap makes your body unattended and unsupervised, with no regulations that your 3D conscience used to make.

That is why, my dear ones, it is so important to reach the golden mean, the necessary balance that will enable you to progress on your way to Ascension so that your conscience and your physical body will be in a perfect harmony.

And in order to achieve this you should do your best to minimize the gap.

Here we will stop for today.

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you.

Channeled by Marta on July 28, 2018

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