the-triunity-of-the-spirit-the-soul-and-the-body-the-maternal-soulGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we go on talking about the structure of the Soul.

In Its desire to enrich Its knowledge and skills and to experience as many variants of dense body existence as possible the Soul divides in twelvefold geometrical progression.

There is the Maternal Soul to help It to manage this flood of information, to process and synthesize all the Soul’s particles data.

Nowadays nearly each human being living on the planet is a part of the Maternal Soul and they are guided and protected by It during this critical period of time.

The Maternal Soul is of a complex structure, for hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of Its particles are scattered all over the planet – on different continents, in different countries and cities, social levels and religious communities.

This is the way It guarantees Its spiritual progress because not every ‘seed’ of the Soul can ‘grow’ in the dry soil of the 3D world…

It is of great importance nowadays as a lot of Great Souls’ particles, ever lived on Earth, have arrived on the planet.

The Maternal Soul does Its best to awake them up and remind the mission they have chosen before birth.

Each Maternal Soul’s particle possesses consciousness of its own and, therefore, free will.

It has underlying genetic memories about all previous incarnations in general and those of great significance to the mankind in particular, but few souls are capable to recall them being embodied on Earth.

Sometimes associative memory can help them with this. Some details in paintings or icons, some facts in books on history or some special places on the planet they ‘happen’ to found themselves encourage some glimpses and genetic memory recovery and, in some cases, visions transferring them to previous lives.

One feels the connection with the Maternal Soul in one’s own way.

Someone can feel It during meditations and being in peace and quiet while others, on the contrary, can feel It in the most tragic moments of their life.

In any case, you feel It as the Divine presence blessing your Soul or saving and helping you out in a difficult situation.

Since the Maternal Soul exists at very high levels It is really able, just the way the Higher Powers of the Universe are, to cloak you in the energy of Love and Light sharing Its motherly warmth.

But It has one more task, that is to guide your life so that you decide to fulfill the mission of your Soul that has been chosen before birth and prevent the life in the 3D world you immerse in from misleading you too far away from your path.

And what the main task of each Soul involves is to break away from alien to your Soul 3D environment and restore your lost divinity.

But it is possible only when the spiritual component prevails over the material one that is commonly developed in humans since birth.

And in my next messages I will tell you about the Maternal Soul’s ‘methods of work’ with Its children presently living on the planet in physical bodies.

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you.

Channeled by Martha on July 11, 2018.

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