WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Flaming speech)

window-on-new-world-flaming-speechGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I will tell you about the role played in human communication by the Element of Fire.

Recall such expressions as “flaming speech”, “passionate confessions”, “heated arguments”, “flare up”…

All of them are reflection of the Element of Fire that directly influences your speech.

When people are talking on an interesting issue and are getting more and more “inflamed” with the common topic, its discussion sometimes results in the very “flaming” speeches.

Well, what happens at this moment at the subtle level – in your energy space?

What happens is similar to the things that occur with the rest of the elements “living” in you: the energy currents of the Element of Fire, as well as those of other elements, are controlled by your thoughts and emotions.

So, if a conversation keeps going calmly and peacefully, this current is even and harmonious.

If a conversation is dull and boring, the current “diminishes” – the fire is hardly smouldering.

If the discussion becomes too emotional, the current that used to be harmonious turns into an energy chaos.

Thus, too hot arguments actually lead to “sparks fly” at the subtle level.

We have already talked a lot of times that any excessiveness results in energy disbalance of your body.

And since natural elements of Water, Air, Fire and Earth are part of your nature, all of them this or that way show up at the physical level too.

Recall the way one looks when flies into a rage and loses control.

One turns red because Fire flaming up brightly starts burning one from inside.

One gets choked because Air becomes unevenly distributed all over one’s body: it is prevented from passing through one’s respiratory organs by the bundles of negative energies generated by this person.

One’s blood pressure is getting high since water balance of the body is not stable either.

Such a state can turn out rather regrettable for one – up to an apoplectic stroke.

All this, my dear, is the result of the fact that the third dimension world people cannot control their emotions which spill out into unflattering words being a reflection of the disharmonious energy processes at the subtle level.

Yet, words and emotions that have not been spilled out feature power as great, or even still greater, because what is destructive for you, first of all, is their energy.

Therefore, human communication embraces not only verbal contact that, by the way, does not always reflect true attitude of people to each other but mostly energy one.

So, next to the person who is “boiling” inside but saying not a word at that the people around them start feeling ill at ease sometimes not even being aware of the reasons for the discomfort that arose in them.

Really harmonious relations can be established only when people have all natural elements balanced in them including the Element of Earth that we will talk about in my next message.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 16, 2022.

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