life-on-new-earth-dentistryGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about teeth or rather about the problems concerning them that almost everybody on Earth has now.

Why do your teeth get out of order so quickly?

Before all, because these days people live in the conditions unnatural for them.

It concerns absolutely everything: place of residence, overall emotional “background”, water, foodstuffs, electromagnetic emission…

Back in time during the Golden Age of humanity people did not have any problems with teeth since they lived in a perfect harmony with nature feeding on its natural gifts and enjoying its loving motherly energies.

And this consistence of their body with the environment let them live the way never to face the “do-not-bite-off-more-than-you-can-chew” challenge.

And such an expression is in place for a reason. One gets teeth problems at the energy level when one encounters the obstacles one cannot handle, that is, those that are “more than one can chew”.

Remember such expressions as “with teeth clenched” which means to do something unwillingly, “gnash one’s teeth” – either with anger or impotence…

In the third dimension world, though, one faces all kinds of obstacles from the very childhood.

One has to do the things one does not want to only because it “must be done”, it is “the right thing to do” or “a common thing to do”, that is, one meets the mental and behaviour standards established by others.

But even if one does not realize it, at the level of the Soul one suffers from this forced way of life, and it is reflected, first of all, in one’s teeth that do not want to “chew” this life “chewing gum” that is far from being Divine and is unnatural for humans.

Of course, foodstuffs should not be disregarded either, for both having lost their natural wholesome qualities and being stuffed with chemical substances they ruin human health, with the recently introduced gene modified objects affecting their gene code at that.

All this is alien intrusion into the subtle material structure of humans and descending to the physical level influences, before all, their teeth that take the first blow chewing this food untypical of them.

But now let us come back to modern medicine that has commercialized dentistry, as a result of which stomatology has acquired not only medical, but aesthetic character as well.

Taking advantage of people’s desire to have both healthy and beautiful teeth doctors sometimes offer their complete replacement for “crowns” or implants, which has recently become widely spread.

People agree to this, and it is quite easy to understand.

Well, what happens at the energy level when “native” teeth are substituted for artificial ones?

Most often the latter become incorporated since there occurs energy leveling with the other – one’s own – teeth that “share” their natural energy with the “aliens”, and this does not make a considerable effect on the general energy profile of a person.

But when one has absolutely all the teeth pulled out and replaced for artificial ones, it changes one’s aura and appearance this time: despite the ideal smile, one acquires some kind of unnaturalness – doll-like appearance untypical of an average person.

Why does this happen?

Teeth just as any other part of the human body convey their individual Divine code – a unique and inimitable one.

They naturally can rarely be ideal but this is what features the charm of their own – this particular person’s peculiarity.

But when one completely changes one’s teeth and even their shape, one’s appearance gets changed completely too because one’s teeth are a visible part of the body.

It is also followed by the changes in actions, manner of behaviour and sometimes there appears the desire to show one’s ideal teeth to everybody, as a result of which one’s smile turns artificial – forced.

Therefore, my dear ones, do not strive for aesthetics to the detriment of your unique and inimitable appearance.

Stick to the middle course and allow alien intrusion into this part of your body only in case of barest necessity – for medical reasons.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 28, 2021.

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