LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Plastic surgery)

life-on-new-earth-plastic-surgeryGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about plastic surgery that reptiloids have gradually made so popular that it has acquired mass character now.

And, of course, first of all, we will consider this phenomenon from the energy point of view.

The so-called aesthetic medicine was initially quite justified as it helped people to recover after bad injuries or burns.

But little by little as it was getting improved, it switched over to merely commercial profile facilitating rich clients’ desires to come true.

The efforts of reptiloids in depersonalization of people by artificially imposed standards in everything including “ideal” appearance have resulted in the fact that a lot of people began to be anxious for looking like their idols.

And medical entrepreneurs took advantage of this, the so-called plastic surgeons, who are ready to change one’s appearance for money for no medically justified reasons simply satisfying one’s momentary whims.

Quite often a doctor themselves keeping money in mind urges the client to make such an ill-considered step advising them to “improve” minor flaws of their appearance.

Such a gross intervention into Divine creation cannot but trigger consequences both for the doctor committing this blasphemy and the client making such a wish.

It concerns the moral aspect of such kind of operations.

Well, what about the things taking place at the subtle level at that time? And how does one’s Soul respond to it?

To begin with, before its next incarnation the Soul chooses itself not only parents, country and living conditions but appearance too.

You will be surprised by it does not always want to be born into a body of a beautiful man or a woman since it has experienced it a lot of times.

Sometimes its receptacle lacks just the experience of a life in an imperfect, or even ugly, body and it deliberately chooses a body with specific defects.

And if one gets artificially rid of them, one changes the overall scenario written by one’s Soul and not only one’s own.

As a matter of fact, human souls are always born in thoroughly selected groups so as to untie together the karmic knots and pass the tests they failed to manage in their previous incarnations.

And in present incarnation they establish certain relationships – friendly, matrimonial or business ones.

But if someone of the group drastically changes their appearance, their “groupmate” of current incarnation may not “recognize” them and, consequently, their scenario will change its plot and they will also meet somebody else, not the person they were destined to meet.

This way a whole karmic chain is destroyed.

But this applies only to external events of life of a person who changed their appearance.

While at the energy level there is a “tragedy” of its own kind since the subtle bodies of the person that were tuned onto their initial – inborn – physical appearance get “confused” and have the process of unbalancing and degradation triggered.

This is quite a subtle process that is difficult for you to understand so far but the gist of it is that in this case the change of appearance is not initiated from within, by the calling of the Soul, which is the case, for example, in the Fifth dimension but from without – by means of surgical intervention that cripples human flesh and introduces distortions into subtle bodies.

As a result, there occur irreversible changes of the human psyche because one does not “recognize” oneself either, which leads to degradation of the personality, let alone the consequences at the physical level, since any surgical intervention into the human body takes its toll.

So, this way people thoughtlessly following the values artificially inflicted on them ruin their body and psyche and change the karmic frame of their destiny – the whole scenario of their life interfering with the Divine plan of their Soul.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 29, 2021.

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