LIFE ON NEW EARTH (People’s attitude to modern medicine)

life-on-new-earth-peoples-attitude-to-modern-medicineGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today our talk will concern your attitude towards medicine rather than medicine itself.

And we will start with how one’s opinion about this or that thing arises.

Before all, it happens, of course, in the family where a child gets their first skills of social life.

They follow the example of their parents, grandparents carefully watching their behaviour and listening to what they talk about.

Grown-ups often do not take into account that a child is close by but children actually see and hear everything like a sponge absorbing the information new to them.

And if grown-ups repeatedly talk on medical issue, their attitude to doctors and medicine penetrates the conscience and even subconscience of a child since they themselves do not have any experience in this sphere of life.

So, if in case of a minor indisposition of a child or of their own parents, first of all, turn to doctors, a child develops a firm belief that a doctor is a saviour.

While if for recovery parents use natural methods of healing: infusions of berries and herbs, massage, inhalations and other methods of indigenous medicine, a child will realize from early age that an actual healer is nature with its numerous gifts.

Unfortunately, as soon as a child starts attending kindergarten and then school, the process of their worldview formation is interfered with by the state with its rules and laws and, which is most important, with compulsory vaccination.

And at this point everything depends on parents’ behaviour – whether they are strong and brave enough to protect their child from the alien intervention into their body so harmful or they will submit to the system dutifully following the established rules.

Unfortunately, the majority of parents stick to the latter scenario and since an early age a child has had “a time bomb” set in them which is latest generation vaccines that gradually initiate a whole bunch of diseases in humans.

It is vaccines for children that have recently become a main tool of globalists for the planet’s population reduction and often a reason for blackmail since in many countries unvaccinated children are not admitted to educational establishments for children now.

And the majority of parents go with the flow: not confronting the state they make their own life easier for the detriment of their children’s health and happiness.

And those who oppose become social outcasts and are considered to be “inadequate” parents by the state and they are subjected to all kinds of pressure and coercion.

A great deal of influence in the formation process of one’s attitude to medicine is made by the media too that, being under control of the deep state, day and night propagandize what is beneficial to the ruling top that is concerned not about public health but about its annihilation.

As you see, my dear, everything in your world has reached the point of absurdity, everything is turned upside down, all the Divine concepts are substituted for satanic ones and it has gradually become a norm of your life.

And only now then facts on globalists’ crimes start to leak through the state-independent information channels a lot of people have recovered from dormancy and seen the current events in the raw this time.

That is why the first thing you should do now is to protect your children from fatal injections with nanoparticles introduced in them that are going to be activated by the Universe scale criminals still at the helms.

Only MASS REFUSAL of all kinds of vaccines can save your children.

Of course, it applies to you yourselves too, but we have already talked about this a lot.

The victory of the Light Forces is close but, as you already know, Dark gets thick before the dawn and it is within your depth to prevent it from swallowing you and your children in the very last minute when you are at the threshold of Ascension.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 30, 2021.

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