LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Inner state of man influence on reality)

life-on-new-earth-inner-state-of-man-influence-on-realityGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will summarize my series of messages on the inner state of man.

Why have I paid so much attention to it?

Unfortunately, most people are unaware of how their inner state correlates with surrounding reality which also includes their relationships with different people.

They live not thinking about the extent their own unbalanced disharmonious condition influences their close people, friends and colleagues…

Thus, one person obsessed by negative thoughts and emotions can ruin the energy “carcass” of all the team and even that of the whole nation or a country if such people are numerous.

Each of you initiates a chain reaction of energy processes and their contents determine your present and your future.

Most often these processes are invisible since people have learnt to hide their emotions and true motives of their behaviour.

But now when Earth has already entered the zone of high vibration energies, everything comes in the raw – both good, and bad.

And the process will be gaining in scale.

Quite soon people who have managed to advance to the level of vibrations same as Earth’s will start seeing the true essence of every living being.

It will look like they are trying to “hide their nakedness” with nice gestures and words but these “clothes” in the light of new energies become transparent losing its texture and density and such a creature appears as they are being sometimes quite unattractive to the people around.

And the sooner you learn to bring your inner state to a balance, the sooner these times come.

You are turning to “energy” torches that will be highlighting every dark corner on your Earth forcing out of there all the creatures who have become the ballast for your planet and who, being unable to move to a new dimension with her themselves, are trying to pull along with them the ones who are striving to get there with all their heart.

Therefore, my dear, please, take earnestly indeed the purification of your energy space and do not neglect the easy practices I offered you.

I know that it is not easy and the inertia to follow the habitual course is great while going with the stream of the third dimension world you know so well and sticking to its patterns and programmes.

But it is time for drastic changes and you already know, my dear, that a new reality is based on your new inner aspirations and is their reflection.

That is why it depends on each of you how fast these changes will occur and they will be just same as the energies you will imbue them with.

Remember that each pure Soul on Earth is worth its weight in gold and it can overwhelm with its Light thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dark souls, which is the case on Earth now.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 26, 2021.

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