THE WORLD OF ASTRAL (How to remove magic affect)

the-world-of-astral-how-to-remove-magic-affectGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to go on explaining how you could escape from the influence of lower astral beings with demonic beings among them.

It has already been said in my recent message that for their rites all magicians and wizards make use of their clients’ energy channels exposing humans to permanent influence of demonic beings that have been called on for work.

Having once opened the channel they keep it in service all the time.

So, their criminal “coalition” with lower astral beings violates all the Laws of the Universe ultimately submitting the conscience and will of the humans involved.

And still, my dear ones, there is always a way out of this seemingly hopeless situation because anyone possesses a Divine particle which means they are the creator of their own life and their own destiny.

One can change “the hell” ruling over one’s Soul and life into “the paradise” filling oneself and the environment with different frequency vibrations energy.

This resembles the way a megalopolis citizen existing in the lowest energy vibrations suddenly finds themselves where the planet has preserved its virgin wildlife in all its beauty flooded with the Divine energy of Love and Light.

How can you understand that you have been magically effected and how to remove the affect?

There are certainly no single antidotes for the numerous kinds of magic rites in existence as well as their performers that range from the so-called “amateur conjurers” to real experts – the Dark forces representatives on Earth.

Still, there are some signs of alien invasion into your conscience and energy space in general because despite magicians’ doing their best to maintain the channel in the required condition few of them ever succeed in this.

One being exposed to alien influence has “glimpses” anyway when one’s conscience breaks free from the prison it was trapped.

This is some kind of enlightening – realizing that the things happening are artificially designed and one is being guided by the unseen forces and instructed by them.

And it is essential to snatch the moment of “the glimpse” in order to come to one’s senses and not to get overwhelmed again.

At this very moment you should do the following.

Ask me and all the Higher Powers of the Universe for help in removing all the magic influence affects and Archangel Michael and his Angel forces to cut all the energy channels, “ties” and “cords” that connect you with other people.

Finally, ask the Higher Powers to “heal the wounds” – to do some Divine energy of Love and Light patching up and close the gaps in your aura that alien low frequency energy came through into your energy field obscuring your conscience and forcing you to behave unusual way.

If the influence was prolonged and intensive you may need several sessions like this as the Dark forces are not used to giving up so easily and hold their ground fighting for the victim.

Do always remember that not a single dark being can resist the energy of Unconditional Love which is the most powerful energy in the Universe and it either accepts It choosing Light or burns down.

There is one more essential tip I would like to share today.

Don’t try to fight the Dark forces confronting them and, which is really important, don’t feel any anger, hatred, fear or aggression towards them – no negative emotions, in short.

Anything under the sun including them has the right for existence.

Consider their role in your life from your spiritual evolution point of view: they are the ones encouraging your prominent spiritual advancement teaching you Unconditional Love to anybody lesson.

Thank them for this and offer your help in their evolution – open a portal of Light for them so that they could come back Home.

Believe me, my dear ones, many astral beings will be pleased to do this as well as some demons as they are bored with their evil deeds and are eager to play another part.

Overcome superstitions and fear in your Soul, my dear ones!

Don’t be afraid of anyone or anything!

You can work wonders with the power of your Love!

So, go ahead and use it!

And I bless you for this!

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you.

Channeled by Marta on June 4, 2018

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