LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Your attitude towards current events)

life-on-new-earth-your-attitude-towards-current-eventsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will move on to a new topic and it will concern your attitude to the things happening on Earth now.

Since the Transition of Earth to the Fifth dimension is not a single-stage process, you should possess your soul in patience so as not to retard it with your emotions of discontent.

Now everything is at the last – final – stage and you only have to slightly “push” the last carriage of the “train” taking away those incapable to make Transition to the third dimension worlds.

I understand, my dear, how hard it is for you to get used to the thought that in this “train” there can be a lot of your friends, nearest and dearest.

And though you understand it is their conscious choice, still you want them to change their mind at the very last minute and follow you.

Yet, now it is absolutely necessary for you to look at this situation from a different angle.

And for this we will rely not on their personality or the relationships you are tied with but only on their energy component that makes this or that contribution both to collective human conscience, and to the energy field of Earth in general.

As you already know, people and other creatures embodied as humans who generate low vibration energies are the very ballast that pulls your planet back thereby retarding her Transition to the Fifth dimension.

But as soon as this process is not only inevitable but swift as well, Earth undeliberately throws off this ballast to survive herself.

At the subtle level it looks as follows: your planet is heading for the new energy corridor aimed at her evolution and only those of you who have succeeded in increasing your vibrations up till her level will remain in her energy space being attracted to her as if by a magnet.

While those whose vibrations fail to keep up with hers are repulsed by the “magnet” of Earth and are leaving for other worlds they can be attracted to.

And here, my dear, no one can influence anything from without this time.

In this case everything occurs AUTOMATICALLY in consistence with the Law of Attraction.

And none of your emotions, feelings, considerations, desires or logical arguments can influence this process now.

It can be done by a person themselves showing Free Will and advancing to a new level of their spiritual development, which will help them increase their vibrations and stay in the energy field of the new Earth.

Why have I decided to touch upon this issue again?

Only because I see that many of you are trying to do everything possible and impossible to pull you close people to your own vibration level.

Unfortunately, it often results in the opposite effect, that is, it is not you who pull them up to your level but they reduce you to theirs.

And in my next messages we will talk about what line of behaviour you should develop with your nearest and dearest so as to do any harm neither to them, nor to yourselves.

Here we will stop for today.

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 27, 2021.

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