the-world-of-astral-summaryGreetings, my dear beloved children!

At the end of my astral world message series I would like to summarize everything I told you so that you can get a clear and accurate idea of the current events.

Today I will focus on the structure of this world while tomorrow I will review your relationships with its inhabitants.

So, the astral world is rich, versatile and multifaceted.

It resembles a sandwiched cake with a “heavy” solid layer of low frequency energy at the bottom which is inhabited by the astral beings who are concentration of all kinds of negative energies in existence.

It is them who breed and encourage all human passions ranging from family rows to revolutions and bloody wars resulting in human sorrow and suffering.

All through its history the mankind has nursed crowds of Demons of suffering who in between real wars arrange every day conflicts poisoning human souls with the energy of envy, jealousy, greed, power and control depriving them of a happy life full of joy in the energy of Love and Good.

Next comes the astral level which is less dense – the “sponge” layer – and is the shelter for featureless astral beings that are Souls’ fragments of humans who followed well-established patterns, traditions, fashion, someone else’s advice and obeyed regulations but never tried to stick to one’s own point of view drifting the way or stand out of the crowd and “dive out” of the usual world.

Even being disembodied they go on with their cheerless way of life exchanging energy with the embodied humans who are just as featureless.

This level is not that innocent as it may seem at first sight, for the energy it supplies Earth with blocks spiritual progress of humans oppressed by social and religious dogmas.

This kind of energy pulls them into narrow-mindedness slough preventing their conscience from discovering new prospects and entering on the path of spiritual development.

Finally, our “cake” is decorated with the “light” layer of the higher astral level inhabited by the most gifted, curious and hard-working beings.

They are the cream of the astral world with big affairs being managed.

Though it is inhabited by many adventurers and impostors they have noble aims – to help humans out of the duality prison and broaden their minds to the extent that enables them to understand the current crucial changes taking place on Earth.

They make the most of their attempts to share what they know with the humanity dictating messages, articles and long books in which they represent “the eternal universe knowledge” depending on their talents and abilities and predict things look promising for humans on the new Earth.

They gain the knowledge from a variety of sources.

The higher the sublevel of the astral world they live the purer the source is.

Therefore, the higher astral beings can rightly be called “Ascension Heralds”.

Their contribution to the process can’t be overestimated.

Nowadays there are only a few humans who communicate with the Higher Powers of the Universe while those with quite high vibration frequency are not few and they keep in touch with the higher astral beings channeling useful information about changes on your planet from them.

Here we will stop for today.

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you.

Channeled by Marta on July 3, 2018

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