the-world-of-astral-conclusionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today in my closing message on the astral world I would like to focus once again on the perfect relationships with the astral beings of all kinds that you should have.

As far as the lower astral beings are concerned I think those reading the message have vibration frequency too high for this level inhabitants to be able to affect them.

But the majority of people is still susceptible to their influence so, please, my dear ones, be alert and monitor your environment to know if they turn up.

Suppress “the tension effect” before it gains in strength and wins over space with more and more people involved in its dark energy.

Put out these occasional low frequency “sparkles” with your Love Light preventing them from becoming “flames of passion”.

I believe you are sure to manage this.

Medium astral level is the most insidious, for it is difficult to perceive.

While the lower astral beings are quite apparent in their manifestation and you can almost perceive negative energy filling the air, the medium level beings act on the sly.

It can be said that they corrupt people from inside putting in their conscience thoughts and images depriving them of distinct personality.

And the mass media are of great help to them because their aims ultimately coincide with those of the medium level astral beings’.

This “duet” facilitates total manipulation of human conscience forcing people into standard living patterns, transforming them into cogs of the huge machine designed to turn humans into obedient featureless creatures.

So as to break free from this invisible prison you will have to neglect other people’s opinion including your family as well as to become a white crow standing apart from the flock.

Yet, you already know, my dear ones, that the most valuable thing you have is your Divine Soul, your individuality, your mission and it is for its sake that you have come to Earth at this crucial point of its history.

You have already moved to another level of existence with the spiritual principle and Soul experience as the beginning and the end of it, which opens your eyes to the Fifth dimension Earth life that you are merging with.

And this is the main thing that inspires you not to come back – to the dull day-to-day routine of the overwhelming majority of the planet’s population – and it means that the medium astral beings will not get any power over you.

And finally, the higher astral level inhabited by the beings who sincerely think of themselves as your assistants and rescuers.

Many of you have become close friends with them and despite the fact they assume somebody else’s names they confer information that by far and large reflects the processes on the planet and around it.

Still, my dear ones, you should take this information with a grain of salt because these astral enthusiasts are often to pass desirable for reality informing you about “accurate dates”, “earthshaking days”, “sacred numbers” and many other sensational things.

Since it has been explained many times how to tell the Higher Powers’ messages from those of the astral impostors’ I am not going to repeat myself but I would like to remind you that the fifth chakra is the limit the astral beings can’t go beyond, so it is a must to check the vibration frequency of everything you read, hear or channel yourselves.

And you possess your Divine tool for this – your chakra system “scale” with many people having it activated to a full extent.

It is high time, my dear ones, to make use of your subtle organ senses that are going to become your major ones quite soon.

And the last thing I would like to tell you.

Always remember that the physical and the astral worlds make up an integral energy space with everything complying with the Laws of the Universe and its purity depends on each of you.

Therefore, lifting higher and higher up the spiritual ladder you promote not only your spiritual development but also numerous human souls’ particles rambling astray in the astral world.

I bless you, my dear ones and love endlessly!

Father – Absolute has spoken to you.

Channeled by Marta on July 4, 2018

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