transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-the-notion-of-kinGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on speaking about your seventh chakra.

So, I will tell you what makes it connected to the sixth chakra and a pineal gland, as well as what its peculiarities are.

While your sixth chakra – your third eye – is a Portal connecting you to the Divine aspects of your Soul, the seventh chakra is a Gate connecting you to the worlds of higher dimensions and allowing your access to the database of the Universe.

And they are certain to be closely interconnected since you yourself, being a part of the Maternal Soul, are among the beings of the higher dimensions.

Therefore, after your third eye and crown chakra activation you will get opportunity to communicate not only with your Divine Self and Maternal Soul but also with all the beings of higher dimensions existing in your Galaxy and in the Universe in general.

Many of you will be able to communicate with your Kin, as well as with your Star Families living on other planets and in other dimensions.

You will get the information about your origin revealed, as well as about your Soul’s most significant incarnations that are in truth what a person’s KIN is.

And now I would like to focus your attention on this issue since the very notion of Kin has been distorted in your world a lot.

And to “blame” is the root of this word that for many is associated with the words “KINsman”, “aKIN” and “KINdred”.

Actually, this word has quite a different meaning.

KIN is a collection of the most significant incarnations that played a crucial role in the Soul’s development.

In other words, it is the lives on Earth and other planets that gave the most powerful impetus to one’s spiritual development.

And it is not necessarily famous people who are on everybody’s A-list.

It can be incarnations as simple people being born on Earth in different epochs, different countries and different strata, as men and women but who lived worthy lives and contributed precious experience of the third dimension world life to their Maternal Soul’s treasury.

These are the “grains of gold” that were laid in by your Soul after having “panned” through itself tons of “gold dust” of life on Earth and other planets that many other incarnations of less importance turned out to be.

KIN – is a “gold fund” of your Soul that gives you strength and support in going through hardships on Earth when you find yourself plunged in the whirlpool of the dual life again.

That is why alongside with the Higher Powers of the Universe you can invoke your Kin during your meditations and ask it for help when you are in dire straits too.

You will feel its energy by all means – it is powerful, intensive and loving…

I would like you to know, my dear, that your earthly relatives – both alive and passed away ones – have nothing to do with your Divine Kin, and all the ceremonies performed around this notion are another fetish introduced into your life by dark forces.

And its aim is to conceal the truth from you directing your conscience and energy the false way.

They do this quite in an intricate way gathering “tribute” from people not only in terms of energy but in terms of money as well performing different rituals for taking evil curse and spell off their Kin that supposedly accounts for all their sorrows.

And people agree to this in hope to find happiness with no efforts of their own, not making any attempts to seek the root cause of their troubles in themselves, which diverts them from the spiritual course and helps frauds of all sorts make fortune out of other people’s misfortune.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 2, 2019.

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