transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-immunity-strengtheningGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Now I want to continue the conversation about your immune system and to give you one simple practice for the daily work to strengthen it.

As I said in my previous message, immunity is a Divine core laid in man by nature.

A weak immune system is always the result of either internal disharmony or the influence of external factors independent of man.

In rare cases, people are born with an already weakened immune system.

And here the causes can lie either in the inharmonious state of the baby’s parents or in the deliberate, planned by the Soul, before its embodiment, complicated living conditions on Earth for the necessary lessons to be learned both by this Soul itself and by people close to it.

Until the age of fourteen, children are still very dependent on their parents – on their energy state.

Their immune system often weakens due to their parents’ fears and anxiety, in whose energy field they are.

But after fourteen years people are already gaining energy “independence” and can take care of themselves by maintaining the energy balance of their physical and mental state.

To check your immune system, you need to determine which chakra your body is currently vibrating at.

If your conscience and your physical body are in complete harmony with each other, then you are likely to feel vibrations at the level of the seventh chakra and pineal gland.

This means that in energy sense you have already reached the highest – Divine level.

And then your immune system is not afraid of any epidemics, because it becomes invulnerable to viruses and infections.

This is what explains the fact that during mass deaths of people, for example, during the plague, there were always those who were not susceptible to this disease.

They were saved by the strength of Spirit, turning their immune system into real “armor”.

The practice that I want to offer you now will be rather a moral support  for you, since conscious people are able to cope with all their physical and moral problems themselves.

So, we will get down directly to the practice that we will call – “Strengthening the immune system.”

It is not necessary for it to reach a meditative state. It is enough just to focus your attention on the Divine “core” that is present in every person.

You can imagine it in the form of a golden axis, on which your body is “strung”.

And try to visualize this axis as often as possible filling it with the energy of the Supreme Creator of the Universe that enters your body through the crown chakra.

Feel how this axis – your Divine “core”, saturated with healing energy, becomes strong, elastic, reliable …

It begins to slowly spin clockwise giving each of your body’s cells a sparkling placer of energy of the Supreme Creator of the Universe.

And these Divine sparks, filling your physical body, fly far beyond it saturating with itself all your subtle bodies …

You can do this practice anywhere and for as long as you want, by the power of thought starting this process of healing your immune system and spinning the “flywheel” full blast …

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on July 16, 2019

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