WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Recovery at cell level)

window-on-new-world-recovery-at-cell-levelGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about energy immunity and this time discuss in some details the way high vibration energies influence your body at the cell level now.

We will start with the fact that each cell of your body being part of one whole – your body, is a Divine creation in miniature.

But at the same time depending on a certain organ or body part it is located, it conveys its individual traits and alongside with this different vibration frequencies.

So, even in case of a person who features a high level of conscience and high general vibrations there is division in terms of vibrations inside their physical body anyway.

Their healthy organs resonate with their conscience vibrations, while the sick ones leg behind.

Therefore, in one’s body there are some areas of vibration fault that prevents the whole body from vibrating at one frequency.

But when you work at your body in a purposeful and point-wise manner invoking the Forces of Light and Divine healing energies for help, there occurs energy leveling at the cell level, as a result of which all parts of your body start vibrating in unison – at one frequency.

Of course, it happens not immediately since you are still at the border line of the third and fourth dimensions where “magic” just begins.

Yet, as soon as you see the results of your work and get true belief in your power, you will start advancing much faster.

The thing is that while you are in the third dimension world, your subconscience constantly requires confirmation of your efforts being not in vain.

Few can go on being motivated only by “blind” belief in success.

That is why so as to achieve tangible results, you should make a lot of efforts doing practices on transformation of your physical body to the light crystalline one not occasionally by on a regular basis.

Your body should get used to the fact that high vibration energies get into it regularly and purposefully.

And being thankful for your persistence and patience it will actually begin to change healing sick organs and bringing to harmony your physical condition.

This is the way the Laws of the Universe work: your sincere inner impulse will result in external manifestations – improvement of your general wellbeing and healing of affected organs.

The more and oftener you fill your physical body with high vibration Divine energies, the sooner changes occur and your body reaches the first stage of its crystallization.

Yet, it is essential to choose among all the numerous practices on transformation of the physical body to the light crystalline one offered to you those you can manage: the ones you can do easily and that bring you real satisfaction.

Do not push things, my dear, do not try to embrace the unembraceable.

Take your time while working and enjoy it.

Try not to think about the final result but simply enjoy the moment of creating your new Divine body.

And then everything will happen in its good time and in the manner unnoticeable for you.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 5, 2022.

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