transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-divine-state-of-the-soulGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, let’s continue the conversation about learning to live in the Fifth Dimension, while remaining in the third dimensional world.

This is very important, since only your new state of the Soul can help you to move both your conscience and your physical body into a new energy space of the Earth naturally and painlessly.

Why do I return over and over again to seemingly the same topics?

My dear ones, only because I see how difficult it is for you to put a theory, with which many of you are already oversaturated, into practice, that is, not to want or strive to live in a new way, but already constantly LIVE in this new state of Harmony and Joy.

And now I will reveal to you the deep essence of this state, so that you understand it not with your Mind, but at the level of your Divine Soul, since it is impossible to explain with the words of the third dimensional world.

Try to imagine the path of your Soul in the form of an infinite straight line.

And this line actually endless in both directions.

And your Soul at the present moment is on some segment of this line – at a certain point of it.

On this line, there are no scale divisions, boundaries, time frames, clearly established rules of movement, but there is only a state of “here and now.”

Each Soul is Divine and completely free in its actions.

Depending on these actions, performed exactly in the “here and now” state, qualitative changes occur in the Soul of a person – its energy fluctuations, as a result of which it either slips off this line or keeps balance and remains at the level of its Divinity.

But this happens already in the time frame not of some separate moment of the given life, but of the whole present incarnation of the person.

Probably, for clarity, it will be easier for you to imagine this line as vertical, since you are used to seeing the way up to God as going to Heaven.

So, every moment of human life on Earth in the physical body – each of his condition “here and now” by the end of his life merges into a single total indicator of certain vibrations.

Depending on the quality of such an indicator, their Soul can “fly up” moving along its line-path very far, having overcome a huge “distance” at once at a time, and it can make no headway if this life was wasted and their Soul failed acquire at least a grain of spiritual experience.

And in some cases, it can slide so far down that later it will have to return to her former place through many and many incarnations.

Therefore, my dear ones, you cannot live neither your life, nor every moment “in the rough outline” – thoughtlessly, expecting that you can still fix it when the best times come and then you will live beautifully and with dignity.

What has been done and lived, has already fallen into the treasury of your Soul, affecting the total result of this incarnation.

And in order to improve your “mark” for what has already been lived, you need to make a real breakthrough so that your current high vibrations dissolve in themselves all those negative emotions by which you have been fill your beautiful planet for a long time, willingly or unwillingly.

In this respect the practices of changing the scenario of past life situations and actions from the height of your new Divine conscience could be useful for you.

Here we will stop today.

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on 15 June 2019

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