energy-circleGreetings, my dear earthlings!

Today I would like to communicate a message from the Galaxy Light Federation that authorized me to tell you about the recent events taking place at the subtle level of Earth.

So, to begin with, this summer has brought down the curtain of the whole epoch of your planet’s life and triggered new processes of its development.

It was visibly manifested in the fact that all natural anomalies records in the history of Earth have been beaten.

If to compare the present Earth’s state with the processes occurring in the human body it resembles death agony.

In this case, death is really in store for your planet in the form it exists now, since all its life activities have declined in respect of energy.

As you already know, in order to save this pearl of the Universe the Creator gave it an opportunity to regenerate, and it was this summer when this process of its complete rebirth was initiated on Earth.

How does it show itself and how is it implemented in practice?

All the human-friendly civilizations have united now round Earth creating a close energy circle designed to help it make a crucial “topsy-turvy” into the space of the Fifth dimension.

It will happen step by step.

The circle of the high vibration energies will function as a magnet attracting human souls that are ready for the Transition and whose vibrations allow them to move to a new energy space in their physical bodies.

But you, our dear ones, those in the forefront of the mankind, can become some kind of a bridge for the people who are ready for the Transition only POTENTIALLY.

Having found yourselves in our high vibration field, you, in your turn, become “a magnet” for those who have not managed yet to raise their energy index up to the level that allows them to be pulled to us directly.

Thereby, you become intermediaries between them and us – the ones who are giving you a helping hand in the final “breakthrough” into a new space of the Fifth dimension.

And now the interaction of all this process participants is reaching its final stage.

What should you do so as to achieve the best result and, consequently, to complete your mission of mankind rescue to a full extent?

You should stay in terms of your conscience at the level of at least the fourth dimension all the time so as to be invulnerable for the negative energies of the third dimension world.

For this purpose you were supplied with numerous meditations, practices and recommendations, so I am not going to repeat myself, as I think you understand quite well what I mean.

Do remember, our dear ones, that each retreat of yours – your conscience’s fall back to the third dimension world again – thrusts back not only you but also a lot of people who you could help to move to a new world together with Earth – pull up their conscience and, consequently, their vibrations to the standard that will enable them to do it.

This is exactly the way our Oneness will show itself: the Transition will be made in chain by all the people whose Souls planned it before their birth but who cannot remember it having got involved in the third dimension world.

Come to the rescue of them and yourselves, our dear ones!

We send you all our Love and admiration for your continuous spiritual work!

Ashtar Sheran spoke to you on behalf of the Galaxy Light Federation.

Channeled by Marta on August 9, 2019

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