old-world-agonyGreetings, my dear earthlings!

The situation on Earth is developing so swiftly and sometimes in an unexpected way that I again decided to share my vision of it from the subtle level with you.

In terms of energy everything looks quite chaotic and resembles “Brownian movement” especially on the European continent that is at the moment the centre of the Dark and Light Forces’ confrontation at the physical level.

Since the blockade of Russia arranged by globalists has affected almost all European countries, the economic return “blow” for its part has influenced each of them too.

Generally speaking, European countries’ heads being under total submission to the shadow government use their citizens, like neo-Nazis in Ukraine, as human shields using them as a cover from the anger of their “bosses” whose will they obediently execute.

This is the reason for their literally suicidal economic and political measures in respect of Russia.

From the height of our conscience it looks as if the world on Earth has gone mad, and only a small segment of sane population of your planet is trying, sometimes for the expense of their life, to oppose the Dark Forces’ henchmen.

Well, how has it happened that the huge majority readily submitted to the minority?

Regrettable as it may seem, so as to achieve results like these, the Dragon reptiles who seized power on Earth have put into action all their arsenal for human conscience influence.

For this purpose they fabricated a false pandemic and, as an escape from it, there were developed gene modified preparations producing ruinous effect not only on the physical body of humans but their conscience as well.

The nanoparticles (microchips) these preparations contain are tuned onto the frequency of 5G generating antennae that are now being installed everywhere – secretly and patently.

People have nowhere left to hide from the “hunters” who are trying to capture their conscience and bodies.

We see that a lot of people are worn out by the struggle – even those who in the beginning tried to oppose this impudent intrusion into their private life.

They eventually preferred to give up and go with the crowd. It is especially true about the “vaccinated” people that are being increasingly seized with apathy in respect of the current events worldwide.

They obediently follow all the authorities’ instructions whatever absurd they are.

Yet, my dear, the things are not as bad as they may seem.

We see that more and more lights of the elucidated mind are appearing all over your planet.

Absurdity and self-destruction for the part of the authorities have now reached the degree that makes people unintentionally wonder who are at the helm in their countries, whose interests their heads are acting to, why their actions result in nation suffering.

Before long indeed the truth about the current events on your planet will be brought to light since it is now impossible to conceal the crimes of globalists and their marionettes.

And it is facilitated not only by the efforts of brave and honest people, pure and revived souls, but also by the new energy profile of Earth that is throwing off the outdated energies and programmes of the third dimension world like an old “skin”.

And in these new pure energies it is impossible for any lie, fraud or betrayal to exist unlike verity, truth and Love.

As soon as humanity passes this “obstacle course” that separates it from the new Earth of the Fifth dimension, we will establish a direct contact with you to help you make yourselves familiar with the new reality in the circle of your big and close-knit galaxy family.

And so far we go on securing you in the near-earth space keeping an eye on the situation on Earth so as to prevent provocations in terms of the Dark Forces’ representatives embodied as humans that are at their last grasp and therefore dangerous as ever.

Sincerely loving you Ashtar Sheran spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 27, 2022.

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