last-battleGreetings, our dear brothers and sisters!

We would like to support you in an emergency and reassure you that everything on your planet will end up with the victory of the Forces of Light.

Now there has come a crucial moment in your struggle against the world government’s protégés who, feeling they have lost, are still trying to ingratiate themselves with their “bosses” – work off the huge money they got from them.

They are perfectly aware they have nothing left to lose: it is impossible to meet people’s demands because of the fact they are engaged by the shadow government who they are afraid of even more than their nation.

But having played their role up till the end they still hope to come through unscathed thanks to their high patrons.

This is the reason for their seemingly suicidal stubbornness and unwillingness to negotiate with people who make most reasonable demands and peaceful way at that.

Perhaps, you have guessed yourselves: everything now undertaken by the leading countries’ governments plays back on them.

At present when your Earth is getting new high vibration energies in plenty, the Laws of the Universe start working at an accelerated rate.

Therefore, each action by the deep state’s representatives aimed against people will return to them on the rebound in the shortest time.

A lot of them will be pursued by law for crimes against humanity.

So, stay calm, our dear ones, but keep on protecting your rights and freedoms anyway.

Treat everything in progress now with wisdom and awareness.

A predator being corned will snarl and rush at its chaser right up to the last breath.

And now the moment has come when a huge amount of revived people begin to corner the “predators” who tooth and nail clutch at power.

They cannot think or act mindfully since they were initially programmed for implementing the task they got, the one they had to tackle whatever it takes.

So now when their plans are falling to the ground as a result of mass revival of the heedful part of the planet’s population, they are at a complete loss.

They have got so used to being chosen and untouchable and their lack of restrain and impunity have gone so far beyond all the limits that even most naive people have seen their true colours.

The patience of people is exhausted, which results in mass protests all across the globe.

Thus, even most patient and law-abiding citizens have risen against their rights and freedoms encroachment.

And we see from the subtle level that these protests conveying the energies of Unity and Human Dignity are spreading all over the world.

People do not want to be slaves dependent on the whims of the ruling top, and it is hard to overestimate.

We see every day Light is increasingly dissolving Dark, while the absurd actions of the deep state’s marionettes are more and more playing back on them themselves.

Do not stop! Go till the end!

We take pride in you, our dear brothers and sisters, and will do our best to support you in terms of energy at this moment crucial for your planet.

Sincerely loving you representatives of the planet of Arcturus spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 19, 2022.

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