now-it-depends-on-you-our-dear-onesGreetings, our dear earthlings!

Today I have come to you as a representative of the Galaxy Light Federation to tell you about the latest news from the subtle level.

And it is that there finally has come to an end the last and most complicated part of the operation on our help in rescuing of humanity.

Not only had we to identify all the deep state’s henchmen of high rank but also neutralize them in terms of energy since their physical liquidation is inconsistent with our plan being direct intrusion into earthlings’ policy.

So now I will explain to you in some detail what this expression “neutralize in terms of energy” means.

As you know, the center for control founded by the Dragon reptiles in the near-earth space of global processes coordination on your planet and human conscience control was destroyed several years ago.

On Earth there remained only its “subsidiaries” hidden deep underground or in places on the surface hard to reach that went on acting according to the programme designed before.

Yet, having found themselves deprived of high management, direct executors of this programme had to adjust their plan on the go that was, first of all, aimed at dramatic reduction of Earth’s population.

Being informed about the catastrophe threatening them as increasing vibrations of Earth till the level fatal for them, they decided to force the issue compressing the realization of the plan that was conceived for decades to several years.

By the artificially created pandemic they plunged the planet’s population into the low energies of fear for their life and unusual life conditions, which considerably decreased the general vibration parameter of Earth thereby retarding her transition to the Fifth dimension.

Seeing the despair and incapability of the pure and ancient souls that have embodied in plenty on Earth to turn the tide by themselves, the Galaxy Light Federation made a decision about partial intrusion into the process of deliverance of Earth from the alien extraterrestrial civilizations’ influence.

Thus, we took certain measures for neutralization of underground and ground objects belonging to the Greys and Orions who were in close cooperation with the deep state’s representatives.

By means of pointed energy blows there were destroyed their underground and ground centers for military operations coordination aimed at annihilation of whole cities and countries in case of non-fulfillment of the deep state’s orders that were implemented by the marionettes they appointed – their field employees.

Thanks to our efforts there was prevented the third world war that was contrived by the top of the Dragon reptiles embodied as humans on Earth.

Now it depends on you, our dear ones!

Now initiative both at the physical and energy levels should be taken by you yourselves.

And we are pleased to see more and more people on Earth reviving who go out of their houses to defend their right for freedom.

We see that an increasing number of honest scientists, doctors and lawyers step in for health and life of people.

And it will mark the beginning of our collaboration that as long as Earth is moving to the Fifth dimension will just become extended.

All your galaxy brothers and sisters are looking forward to the moment when they will openly be able to appear in front of you and provide feasible support in the development of the high vibration space new to you, the one with quite distinct laws holding sway – energy, physical and moral ones.

Sincerely loving you,

Ashtar Sheran spoke to you on behalf of the Galaxy Light Federation

Channeled by Marta on December 16, 2021.

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