we-are-cloaking-you-in-our-energyGreetings, our dear earthlings!

The Council of the Elders of Arcturus is speaking to you.

We would like to communicate a message from our civilization to you.

The things now happening on Earth resemble a lot the processes once experienced by us, too, that is why we are watching you with interest and sympathy.

Yet, unlike Earth, there were no other creatures embodied as Arcturians on our planet, which considerably promoted our Transition to higher dimensions.

We see what confusion and mess now hold sway over your planet since the overwhelming majority of Earth’s inhabitants do not have a slightest idea of who controls your world and what goals they pursue.

We would like you to know that at present there are a lot of Arcturians embodied as humans who came here to help earthlings to perform this grandiose leap from one dimension into another one.

It was their choice and incredibly brave action since there was no exception made for them, and at birth their memories of their origin and their mission on Earth were deleted.

Still, we tried to support them from the subtle level safeguarding them and directing towards the goal set.

Some of them got their channel of communication with us open thanks to which they managed in the shortest possible time to switch over to Service and started to implement the plan they had decided to take such a hazardous step for.

Some of our representatives joined the Alliance and being its members help to work out the plan on humanity deliverance from the deep state’s yoke.

Some others work in public sphere promulgating the facts of the hidden government crimes and trying to convey the truth about the current events on Earth to people.

Why have we made up our mind to tell you about it today?

Before all, because we see that the struggle between the Light and the Dark Forces has reached its very last final stage this time.

An enormous amount of people on your planet start to see clearly and understand the purpose for which the pandemic and vaccination following it were imposed on humanity.

So now, we would like to give you a hand so that you can overcome the last obstacles on your way to Transition to another dimension with Earth.

And in terms of our support we would like to offer you the following.

Each time when you feel tired, apathetic or disappointed invoke the energy of the planet of Arcturus and its inhabitants.

Feel we are taking your hands in ours and our friendly caring energy flows into them gradually filling all your being – your physical body and all your subtle bodies.

We are cloaking you in our energy as if in a protective shawl, while our high vibrations save you from danger dissolving all the negative energies hovering around you, as well as all alien programmes.

Please, our dear ones, do not reject our help at this supreme moment of your destiny.

We love you very much and wait for you on the new Earth where we will be able to communicate with you not only in terms of energy but to take an active part in your new life arrangement sharing our experience with you, as well as our knowledge and technologies.

See you soon, our dear brothers and sisters!

The Council of the Elders of Arcturus spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 27, 2021.

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