LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Pyramid of power)

life-on-new-earth-pyramid-of-powerGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, we move on to the talk on how disembodied low vibration creatures can influence people’s destinies by means of the countries’ heads the former live in.

As a matter of fact, carefully designed mechanism of influence on people who came to power is simple to the utmost.

It is based on the time-tested principle of “Divide and rule”, as well as self-importance exaggeration and the feeling of belonging to “the chosen”.

And the dual world you live in facilitates this the best way.

But we will start with the fact that from the times immemorial on your planet there has been around a clear power hierarchy, a pyramid, to be exact.

To get a clear idea of it, you can imagine it as a stepped pyramid – the ziggurat.

At the top of it there is Archoin – a concentration and embodiment of Evil.

A step down the pyramid there are his servants: Demons of power, cupidity, greed, cruelty, voluptuousness and many other vices typical of the inhabitants of Earth.

Why it is Demons?

Because these creatures are also a concentration of certain negative energies.

For the centuries of their service to Archon they have grown into real giants – powerful masters of these passions.

They are closely tied up to their Master by energy channels.

It can be said that Archon has fragmented himself into “narrow focus” Demons.

A level down our “ziggurat” there are Archon’s staunch allies – the Dragons – who have made a deal with him on Earth’s conquest.

Further down are the Dragon reptiles who are the Dragons’ “hands” for implementing their plans on Earth.

But their will’s direct operators have become high caste reptiloids embodied as humans who are at the next step of the ziggurat.

And eventually, at the very bottom of the pyramid there are middle caste reptiloids efficiently performing the orders of their direct bosses – high caste reptiloids.

There are six steps all in all and six levels of subordination.

What is so complex hierarchy of power for?

Firstly, for total control of Archon’s will execution at all the levels of existence.

Secondly, for more efficient coordination of the events taking place at the physical and subtle level of Earth since they are interconnected and closely knit together.

Thirdly, for rendering more important and exceptional those at the lower steps of this hierarchy ladder.

And in my following messages I will tell you in details about each “storey’s” inhabitants of our imaginary ziggurat.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 13, 2020.

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