LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Ridden by fear)

life-on-new-earth-ridden-by-fearGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about cognitive dissonance again and will consider it from the energy point of view.

And as an example we will take the very three groups of people I told you about in my previous messages.

So, the first group is people who are possessed by fear for their life, who take for gospel what the authorities say offering them “salutary” vaccines.

These people’s aura is a huge bundle of fear energy that with every single day grows larger as they “nourish” exceptionally on negative news and terrifying details on the infected and dead from the “dangerous” disease.

Since their conscience totally submits to the Dark Forces who are the ones to breed fear and panic among people, little by little other negative energies join them too – those of aggression, hopelessness, powerlessness, grief, pity to oneself, inability to change anything…

As a result, in the energy space of these people there settle a huge amount of astral beings that feed on negative energies like this.

And as all the thoughts of these people are spinning around one and the same topic, the corresponding negative energies are looming large taking enormous spaces this time.

Now imagine what occurs in densely populated cities where energy fields of people constantly interlace and merge infeeding each other all the time.

Moreover, if people are also discussing the issue that concerns them all the time thereby encouraging each other, the negative energies surrounding them become denser and denser.

Yet, at the same time they are extending too.

It happens because of the fact that the astral beings attracted to the energy field of people contribute their own negative energies.

As a result, at the subtle level such people are silhouettes swarmed with astral beings.

Having gathered for the feast, each of the astral “guests” is doing their best to prevent the cherished source of nourishment from depleting.

In the long run, the fear that overwhelmed one gets the degree large enough to make one ready to do anything just to get rid of it.

It is these people who are the first to queue for vaccination and persuade others to follow their example.

It is them who feel fear, aggression and hatred towards those who refuse to do this.

This way, reptiloids achieve two goals at a time: increase the number of the vaccinated and breed the negative energies they are in need of so much now playing off people against each other.

Well, how should you behave with such people so as not to get into the whirl of low energies?

Try to avoid them and not to start any discussions with them.

Do not forget about the protective Sphere of the Flame of Universe Love either that is filled with the Energy of Ascension.

But if you can, try not to get at places with lots of people, for the consequences for you can be unpredictable.

While if it is impossible to avoid, make it a rule to purify your energy space from all the alien energies and programmes with the Flame of Universe Love on coming back home.

Do not spare time for this, my dear!

Take care!

Now it is becoming extremely important for you.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 17, 2021.

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